Iowa care home accused of performing 'bizarre and dangerous experiments' on disabled residents

Glenwood Resource Center violated residents' rights through the use of restraint systems - AP
An Iowa nursing home for people with intellectual disabilities subjected residents to "bizarre experiments" and used them as "human guinea pigs," according to a Department of Justice investigation.
The Glenwood Resource Center investigation began last year after reports of an increased number of deaths.
Assistant Attorney General Eric Dreiband said, "People with disabilities are not human guinea pigs and, like all humans, should never be subjected to bizarre and deviant pseudo-medical 'experiments' that harm them.
"Human experimentation is the hallmark of sick totalitarian states and has no place in the United States of America."
The Justice Department concluded that experiments were carried out on residents without their consent.
In one experiment, residents reportedly became overly hydrated and caused physical harm. It was said that others had conducted psychological research on impulsivity.
Investigators found that the facility's former superintendent apparently had plans to conduct sexual arousal experiments using a computer that contained images of naked and clothed children.
The Justice Department said it found no evidence that the pictures were ever shown to residents.
The former superintendent was fired about a month after the investigation began last year. Investigators also concluded that Glenwood's alleged use of restrictions violated residents' rights.
The Department of Justice's report identified widespread shortcomings, including by the Iowa Department of Human Services.
It said, "Iowa was deliberately indifferent to these collapses and the risks involved." At Glenwood, residents are often at serious risk of harm or death by ignoring changes in condition or adopting a clinically unjustified "wait and see" approach. ”
The investigation found that there were reasonable grounds to believe that the conditions at Glenwood violated the Fourteenth Amendment to the US Constitution.
A teenager was said to have been detained 293 times in less than two years.
Kim Reynolds, the governor of Iowa, said, "What happened at the Glenwood Resource Center was incomprehensible and unacceptable."
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