Iranian judge accused of corruption found dead in Romanian hotel

BUCHAREST (Reuters) - An Iranian cleric and judge charged with corruption in Tehran and also human rights violations by activists was found dead in a hotel in the Romanian capital, Bucharest, on Friday, the police said.
Gholamreza Mansouri, who fled Iran last year, is one of several judges accused of transplantation during a high-profile trial against a former senior judicial officer who started in Tehran on June 7.
Romanian police arrested Mansouri earlier this month, and a Bucharest court was expected to rule whether to extradite him next month.
Bucharest police said a hotel found one of its guests dead in the lobby after it appeared to have fallen from a higher floor.
"The man was found to be a 52-year-old foreign national who was under judicial control over crimes in another country," the police said in a statement, adding that an investigation into his death was underway.
The Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed Mansouri's death and said it was waiting for a report from Romania. The ministry spokesman, Abbas Mousavi, told the Iranian media that Mansouri went to the Iranian embassy to discuss a possible return, and was arrested by the Romanian police for being searched in Tehran.
Mansouri was placed under a 30-day judicial review period and was monitored. Tehran had set a deadline of July 10 to submit extradition documents.
Last week, the Paris-based watchdog for media freedom, Reporters Without Borders (RSF), filed a complaint against Mansouri in Germany, where he had presumably lived before traveling to Romania, and accused him of being at least responsible for the "arrest and torture" to be 20 journalists in 2013.
(Reporting by Radu Marinas and Luiza Ilie; Additional reporting by Dubai Newsroom; Editing by Gareth Jones and Andrew Cawthorne)

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