Iraqi man raises African lions at his home

This Iraqi is raising lions at home
Location: Basra, Iraq
Ghali al-Marajlah bred around 62 African lions
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in the past 10 years
(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) IRAQI MAN WHO RAISES AND BREEDS AFRICAN LIONS, GHALI AL MARAJLAH, SAYS: "Raising (a lion) begins in the early years. If it is born until it gets older, keep communicating with it For any inappropriate act, you yell at them because you can't predict their reaction because it's a predator. It has attacked me many times when they try to eat or mate. But I know well because it kind of respects me . "
Al-Marajlah sells the lions to zookeepers and hobbyists
A lion is worth between $ 6,000 and $ 10,000
Video transcript
SPEAKING THROUGH Interpreters: Rearing a lion begins in the early years. If he is born until he gets older, keep communicating with him. If it does an inappropriate act, you will yell at it because you cannot predict its reaction since it is a predator. It has often attacked me when they want to eat or mate. But I know well because it kind of respects me.

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