Is Bly Manor Real? Everything To Know About The Real Setting of 'Haunting of Bly Manor'

Two years ago, The Haunting of Hill House struck fear in our hearts with its story of family trauma taking place in a large, spooky Massachusetts house. Now creator Mike Flanagan and some of the same cast members are returning to The Haunting of Bly Manor, which tells a very different kind of ghost story in a very different creepy house set somewhere in the English countryside.
The series begins when Dani Clayton, a brave American teacher played by Victoria Pedretti, applies for an au pair job with two orphaned children in England in the 1980s. The new appearance takes you from London to the countryside, to a huge mansion with extensive grounds, endless mysterious rooms and an infestation of ghosts. But is Bly Manor a place to visit in real life? Here are all the details.
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Is Bly Manor a Right Place?
Unfortunately - or maybe not so sadly, depending on how much of the show you've seen - Bly Manor is completely fictional. It was invented by Henry James in his 1898 novella, The Turn of the Screw, which forms the basis for The Haunting of Bly Manor.
In the series, Bly Manor is owned by Henry Wingrave (Henry Thomas), the children's uncle. He spends most of his time in London, where he buries himself in his work so as not to deal with his own demons. He describes the mansion as "a great place" for Dani and assures her that the children are happy there, having spent the summers and holidays in Bly before their parents passed away. He neglects to mention that it is incredibly haunted.
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Where in England do you want Bly Manor to be?
The show doesn't give a location, but we can make a decent guess based on some clues. Henry lives mainly in London and keeps Bly Manor as a weekend and vacation home, which suggests the city is likely accessible by car. This is confirmed when Owen (Rahul Kohli) picks up Dani in central London and drives her to Bly.
In The Turn of the Screw, Bly Manor is in Essex, a county south east of London, and there is nothing that can contradict what is on the show. For reasons that quickly become clear as you see more of the series, we never see anything outside of the confines of Bly Manor's grounds. We hear of a town nearby that has a pub and at least a couple of the characters go there off-screen, but we never go with them. With the exception of today's wedding, which the series books, and the brief early scenes with Dani in London, the entire show takes place on the Bly grounds.
Where was The Haunting of Bly Manor filmed?
While the show's English scenery seems authentic, it was actually filmed entirely in Vancouver, British Columbia. Production started in September 2019 and was completed in February of this year. As for the location of the Bly Manor house, Netflix didn't release that information, but they did release something arguably even better - a Zillow listing for Bly Manor.
Yes, you read that right. And while the listing is spoiler-free, we strongly recommend referring to it again after the season ends to really appreciate the levels of meaning in the descriptions. "As you walk up the driveway you will notice the ivy crawling the length of the mansion and the parapets to overlook the property," read a note on the outside. "We pride ourselves on our immaculately manicured grounds that float free from time." In the meantime, a few quietly terrifying details are buried in the very attractive photos, and the house seems to be listed on Zillow for all eternity.
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