Is Haddonfield From the Halloween Franchise a Real Town? The Answer Is Complicated

HALLOWEEN, Nick Castle, 2018. Phone: Ryan Green / Universal Pictures / courtesy Everett Collection
If you've seen a movie in the Halloween franchise, you are likely familiar with Haddonfield, IL. Haddonfield is where all of the franchise's films take place, and while it looks quaint, Michael Myers pursued and killed his victims for 40 years. However, we are sorry to say you cannot visit Haddonfield as it is not a real place. The fictional city of Illinois was instead named after Haddonfield, NJ, the birthplace of Halloween producer and writer Debra Hill, and although Hill's hometown resembles the fictional Haddonfield, the Halloween movies weren't even shot in New Jersey.
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The original 1978 homes of Michael Myers and Laurie Strode are actually in a residential area in South Pasadena, CA. With a budget of only $ 300,000, production continued to rotate on site to keep costs down. As production designer and editor Tommy Lee Wallace told Los Angeles Magazine in October 2018, the film was shot in the spring, so they had the challenge of making spring in LA look like autumn in the Midwest. "Los Angeles was a real challenge because in spring Los Angeles looks the same as it does most of the year: It's sunshine and kind of beautiful, unless there's a lot of smog in the air," he said. To achieve a fall look, the production team created their own brown leaves that were scattered across the scenes (which they then hung up every night to use again) and found a neighborhood where the trees made up most of the Shield the sun.
To get the Haddonfield experience, there are a few key attractions to visit. Michael Myers' house, known as Century House, is still standing and has become a popular tourist attraction. Laurie Strode's house is also a tourist hotspot. While it's not actually Haddonfield, you're likely to find plenty of other Halloween fans in the California city (and hopefully not real serial killers).
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