Is Tacko Fall actually a good center? At least one prominent analyst says yes

So far, we've seen the Boston Celtics' two-way center Tacko Fall take a huge step forward in its growth as a player (no pun intended) and show off some noticeable new skills at the start of the 2020-21 NBA season .
The University of Central Florida product has shown significantly improved stamina on the ground and has kept pace with all but the fastest players on the court. He's also got better timing and awareness of the field, which translates into improved defense - and even among the most valuable players in the previous league - and Fall has even shown he has a near 3-point knight who put the ball on the ground and push it onto the basket.
But are these new skills just a mirage against some of the worst teams in the league?
To be transparent, his two best games were against the Washington Wizards and Orlando Magic - not exactly a pair of NBA powerhouses.
Kevin O’Connor of the wrestler still thinks the fall is real and shares that he thinks the Senegalese center has what it takes to stay in the league in a recent article.
“When you search for something on Google, you will see related questions in a section called“ People Also Ask. ”The first thing I saw when I searched for“ Tacko Fall ”was,“ Is Tacko Fall actually good? "Connor.
“Well, the people of the world, I have the answer: Yes, Tacko Fall is actually good. This season, Tacko Russell has blocked Westbrook, a 3 * (* actually a deep two because the tip of his height was 22 feet on the line), attacked a remnant to shake the earth with a dunk, and has just done it an explosion every time it graced the court. Tacko… has a career of 25.7 PER, the ninth all-time player who has appeared in at least 10 games - just behind Wilt Chamberlain and just ahead of Kevin Durant. Legendary stuff folks. "
“What we have here is another Boban Marjanovic. Boban, who ranks sixth all-time in PER, has made a career for himself by oversizing the lineups and being a lovable teammate, ”he added.
With reference to these newly developed skills, O'Connor has a jealous belief in the future of the NBA by the case after last week, if not before.
And after what we've seen of the gregarious tall man, we must say that we are inclined to agree.
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