It Takes Most People 3 Minutes to Find the Child Who Doesn't Like Caroling. Can You Find Him Faster?

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While Christmas carols may not be ideal this year due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it cannot be denied that it can be a pleasant experience for most people - keyword: most. In this new Christmas puzzle from Rimmers Music, an instrument retailer in the UK, a young boy in a busy and festive city is no fan of Christmas carols.
The retail company developed the Christmas puzzle to provide festive fun for readers while recognizing that some people just aren't big fans of Christmas carols or Christmas music. "We hope the brain teaser will spread the magic of Christmas by December 25th," said Cathy Tate, co-owner of Rimmers Music, in the press release. "Regardless of your attitude towards Christmas carols, we hope that music can help brighten the rest of your year in some way, shape, or form."
In a city full of Christmas carols, locals getting last-minute presents, taking their Christmas trees home, sipping mulled wine and really enjoying the holidays, a little boy doesn't yet feel the Christmas spirit. He covers his ears with his gloves and is visibly annoyed by the hustle and bustle of it all. See if you can see him in the fun town below:
Photo credit: Rimmers Music
Since all city dwellers are dressed in colorful winter clothes and engage in various vacation activities, it is not easy to find the little boy. So if you have any problems, don't fret. You're not alone. The record for recognizing him is 3 minutes. Give the festive search puzzle another look and narrow your search to the lower right side of the picture. Congratulations to those who have already found it!
If you want to solve this holiday brain teaser yourself, this is the time to stop scrolling. The solution is below.
Repent before you regret it.
You can do that.
It's coming.
Last chance.
Photo credit: Rimmers Music
Have a nice holiday season!
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