It takes the average person one minute to find the hidden jack-o'-lantern in this Halloween-themed puzzle. See how quickly you can spot it.

There is a hidden jack-o'-lantern in this puzzle. Courtesy of 247 blinds
247 Blinds designed a puzzle that challenges readers to find a jack-o-lantern in a sea of ​​pumpkins and autumn leaves.
It takes an average of a minute to find the jack-o-lantern, although the retailer said a person discovered it in 54 seconds.
How fast can you solve this puzzle?
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Halloween could look a little different this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, so one company has turned an All Hallows' Eve tradition into a virtual game.
247 Blinds challenges readers to find a hidden jack-o-lantern in a sea of ​​pumpkins and fall leaves to get you into the scary mind. The blinds dealer said it takes the average person a minute to solve the puzzle, but the fastest time to find the carved pumpkin is 54 seconds.
Do you think you can beat this time Try it out below:
Where's the Jack O Lantern? Courtesy of 247 blinds
Can you find the pumpkin
Look carefully and you may be able to find it.
Still can't find it
Do you need a hint?
The pumpkin is at the bottom of the picture and has a smile on its face.
Keep scrolling to find the answer.
The jack-o-lantern is circled in white. Courtesy of 247 blinds
The jack-o-lantern was hiding at the bottom of the pumpkin patch.
If you're looking for even more ways to light up your socially distant Halloween, turn your jack-o-lanterns into works of art.
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