'It was the right thing to do', says man in London anti-racism picture

LONDON (Reuters) - Patrick Hutchinson, a black protester who brought a white man to safety during a fight in London between anti-racism protesters and extreme right-wing opponents, said it was just right.
A Reuters photo of Hutchinson, who emerged from hand-to-hand combat near Waterloo Bridge and carried an injured man over a shoulder in a fire engine lift, was published virally on social media and in news reports.
"It was the right thing to do," Hutchinson told Reuters TV on Monday. "We didn't want the story to be changed and the focus removed from what we're all fighting for, and that's true equality."
Britain, like many countries around the world, has seen a flood of anti-racism demonstrations after George Floyd's death in Minneapolis. They were mostly peaceful, but on Saturday extreme right-wing counter-protesters gathered in central London and skirmishes broke out.
Hutchinson said peaceful anti-racism demonstrations should continue in Britain.
"We have to keep protesting. We have to keep marching. Our voices have to be heard. We have to achieve true equality, but violence is unnecessary," he said.
The man carried by Hutchinson had facial injuries, and Reuters reporters at the scene said he was beaten in a fight with anti-racism protesters.
Some people in the crowd shouted that the injured was a member of the far right, but there was no official confirmation of his identity or political affiliation.

(Reporting by Ben Dangerfield and Natalie Thomas; writing by Costas Pitas, editor of Estelle Shirbon)

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