Its carnage here. Ill be traumatised for the rest of my life: Russian occupiers in Kherson Oblast suffer nervous breakdowns

WEDNESDAY, JULY 6, 2022, 6:02 PM
The Security Service of Ukraine reports that soldiers of the Russian occupying power only dream of returning home alive. Russians are suffering from nervous breakdowns - and express a desire to be treated - as a result of the actions of Ukrainian forces.
Source: Press Service of the Security Service of Ukraine, citing a wiretapped telephone conversation
Details: The Russian soldier stationed in Kherson Oblast talks about the many dead and wounded and how devastated and damaged the area is.
"I'm sick for life now. Do you know how many dead bodies I've seen? Headless, legless, torsoless, nothing, it's just what comes in zinc coffins. They just collect them, just throw those parts away , these pieces all together. [This is] horror, I will never recover from this," the soldier shared with a relative.
Quote from the Security Service of Ukraine: "He can no longer imagine what it's like to lead an ordinary life in a peaceful city. When he returns, he plans to visit churches and monasteries. But is it possible to atone for these sins and atrocities? that the Russians are praying in Ukraine?"
Details: The Security Service of Ukraine reiterates that Russian soldiers have a reliable way to save their lives: "The 2402 hotline is operational for all occupiers who want to surrender."

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