Ivan Hall Spills All on His and Tayshia Adams’ Deal Breaker Conversation About Religion

Tayshia Adams just wasn't looking for an interfaith relationship. At least Ivan Hall claims that was why the couple didn't work out on The Bachelorette.
During Tuesday night's season finale, fans were surprised when the Bachelorette suddenly revealed that "Morals and My Beliefs" were between them when it accepted Zac Clark's proposal instead.
Ivan said to Tayshia on the screen, "All of the girls I've dated in the past have never ended up because of religion or anything, but I know that's something you care about."
The audience had never seen the duo speak explicitly about their religious views before. When they simply mentioned that it was the deal breaker that ultimately influenced their decision, we needed to know what really happened.
Luckily for fans, Ivan is now spilling tea over what happened during their off-screen conversation and how he learned that religion is the biggest barrier between ABC stars.
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On PodcastOnes Off The Vine podcast on Wednesday, December 23, Ivan stated that the Fantasy Suites were their only opportunity to have hours of non-stop discussing parenting and other life priorities. It turns out that religion was also brought up at the time.
Ivan Hall, Tayshia Adams, The Bachelorette
The Texan revealed, "I knew we had to talk about it at some point because I could at least say she was a Christian, but we hadn't talked about it in the past. But she might once say that she was very into hers Has left faith. "
Ivan continued, "So it happened, Tayshia said, 'So what do you think about raising children with religion and what not?' And then we got into it. And I kind of told Tayshia, "Look, I'm an agnostic. A lot of people mistake it for being an atheist. Atheist is not who I am." "
He views atheism as "taking a tough stance that there is no God", which is not his belief. "Agnostics basically say, 'I don't know,' and that's how I feel," he explained.
The aeronautical engineer continued, "When she starts asking about my beliefs, 'Is there a heaven or a hell?' I will say, "Yes, my answer will be different from yours because I will tell our children that I don't know what is out there."
Ivan said of his date that he would be "perfectly fine" if she told her potential children about her views and took them to church.
"In my past, I've dated Christian women, I've dated Muslim women. I'm completely open to it, it is what it is," added Ivan. "You can have any religion you want. My main focus is on the values ​​and morals that you have."
Tayshia Adams, Ivan Hall, The Bachelorette
Apparently things were different there between him and the 30-year-old former phlebotomist. He said on the podcast, "She wanted to date someone who was a Christian. And that's perfectly fine, and so are a lot of people."
However, he indicated that it would have been easier for everyone involved if they had been more open about it. Ivan said, "It sucks or whatever that you probably could only have eliminated X people for it in the beginning."
The 28-year-old went on to say that the Bachelor in Paradise alum didn't understand what he meant when he brought up the term "interfaith relationship" when talking about their future. "I don't think Tayshia even knew what it was or had ever really given the idea of ​​meeting a non-Christian," he explained.
Although he believes interfaith relationships add a lot of "value" to a dynamic, he believes that Tayshia was simply "not in".
Ivan Hall, The Bachelorette
He also didn't want to be with a life partner who doesn't "accept me for who I am" because he never wants to change for someone else. "I don't really want to be with that person anyway. That's how I rationalized it in my head," he said.
It seems like all water is under the bridge now. As science put it, "The chapter is closed. It is exactly what it is. I'm still interested in Tayshia, she's cool, all that stuff. We had a good time."
In the end, he's happy that she ended up with Zac. "He's a great guy, I really like him. I really appreciated the guys in the house who I thought were real who didn't do anything for the camera," Ivan continued. "He's a classmate. He's a man, I respect the guy to death."
The Filipino guy said Zac and Tayshia "had a lot of chemistry going on and I didn't realize it."
He admitted that their relationship was looked into from outside: "I think it would be questioned that their lifestyle is on opposite coasts." As Ivan said, "He's sober, it seemed like Tayshia honestly wanted to drink ... I don't know what the effect is."
Tayshia Adams, Zac Clark, The Bachelorette
But he also gave Zac some appreciation, saying, "I know for sure, I can say Zac was in love with Tayshia. As if we were all there first and he's a great guy and will treat her right." Ivan added : "However, I wish you all the best."
How do Tayshia's other men feel about their engagement? See what runner-up Ben Smith said during his candid conversation with Nick Viall on Wednesday.
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