J.J. Watt makes his position on kneeling and the flag crystal clear

The argument that kneeling is a disregard for the flag during the national anthem is quickly crumbling.
Texan's defensive end J.J. In response to a Twitter user who predicted that Watt wouldn't kneel during the anthem, Watt made two comments. At first he said "don't speak for me." Second, Watt said, "If you still think it's about disregarding the flag or our military, you clearly haven't been listening."
As obvious as the point becomes, there are still people (including those in high public office) who kneel with disrespect. Many of them interfered with replies to Watt's tweet. The more these people hear that kneeling is not disrespectful (especially by prominent white players), the more likely they are to change their minds.
It will be impossible to get 100 percent of the country to agree on anything. At some point, the NFL, their teams, their owners, their coaches and their players will have to ignore misguided votes that history will unfavorably remember.
J.J. Watt makes his position on his knees and the flag crystal clear originally appeared on Pro Football Talk

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