J.Lo Goes Instagram-Official With Ben Affleck With a Steamy Photoshoot on Her 52nd Birthday

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck made their relationship official on social media with a PDA picture on J.Lo's top Instagram feed. The picture showing Affleck giving Lopez a passionate kiss with his arms around her is part of a slide show celebrating Lopez's 52nd birthday.
The rest of the slideshow shows Lopez celebrating her birthday on a luxury yacht. "5 2 ... what it does ...? "Wrote Lopez in the caption.
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Lopez also posted a video of her posing on the deck of the yacht wearing pink sunglasses that match her pink wedge heels.
The reunited couple's official Instagram debut follows their unofficial appearance together in a picture slideshow of Leah Remini's birthday party. Despite keeping their relationship off social media to this day, Lopez and Affleck were seen cozying up and sharing PDAs all over Los Angeles, along with a July 4th weekend in the Hamptons.
The couple, who were previously engaged to be engaged in 2002, have reportedly gotten extremely close and hooked up with each other's children at Universal Studios Hollywood and on tour of Los Angeles homes. According to insider reports, the two are madly in love and Lopez "feels like they've been given a second chance".
“You want to do whatever it takes to make it work. Although their breakup was devastating to Jennifer many years ago, she never said a bad word about Ben, ”a source close to Lopez told People.
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