Jaguars likely to land No. 1 pick, draft Trevor Lawrence, thanks to easier schedule

The Jaguars are poised to take first place in the 2021 NFL draft, winning Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence, widely regarded as not only the best prospect of college football this season, but also one of the elite few -Outlook of the last decade.
Thanks to the Jets that won yesterday, both the Jets and Jaguars are 1-13, which is the worst record in the NFL. But the Jaguars are preferred because of the first tiebreaker: strength of the schedule.
If two teams finish on the same record, the NFL will give the team that played the simpler schedule the higher choice. The thinking is that a team that went 1-15 against an easy schedule is a worse team than a team that went 1-15 against a tough schedule.
The Jaguars have the strength of a schedule tiebreaker as their opponents have a combined win percentage of 0.549 while the opponents of the Jets have a combined win percentage of 0.602. With only two weeks left in the season, the strength of the Jaguars 'schedule will not match the strength of the Jets' schedule.
The Jets' only hope of landing Lawrence is to lose their last two games while the Jaguars win one. Given the Jaguars are playing against two teams still battling for wildcard berths, the Bears and Colts, it's unlikely they'll win either. If anything, the Jets are the team that is more likely to win another game, facing the Browns and Patriots in the last two games.
We learned in yesterday's Rams Jets game that anything can happen, but it looks like Lawrence is going to be a Jaguar.
Jaguars likely to land number 1 draw Trevor Lawrence thanks to a simpler schedule that originally appeared on Pro Football Talk

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