Jailed: Man who threatened to leak businessman's sex videos

Tan Yong Jian, 24, pleaded guilty to three charges in the state courts - one of criminal intimidation through anonymous communication and two of drug possession and use. (PHOTO: Getty Images)
SINGAPORE - A 24-year-old man who was involved in a scheme to extort money from a married businessman by threatening to post videos of him having sex with another man turned three on Tuesday (July 27) Years and 10 months.
Tan Yong Jian pleaded guilty to three charges in the state courts - one of criminal intimidation through anonymous communication and two of drug possession and use.
The court heard that Tan's accomplice, who was an employee of the victim, secretly installed a surveillance camera in the victim's home in late 2019.
The agent, whose name was blacked out from court documents to protect the victim's identity, left the camera in the house for about three weeks while taping the victim at least five times having sex with another man in the room.
On March 9th last year, agent Tan and another accomplice, Daryn Ho Yong Jian, 23, showed the videos he had recorded.
"The defendants knew the victim was a needy person and decided to use the videos to extort money from the victim," said deputy prosecutor Zhou Yang.
The trio agreed to split the money they would receive, with the staff member taking half of it and Tan and Ho dividing the rest equally.
Around 7:10 pm that day, Tan sent three of the videos to the victim and said, "I have some videos and pictures that I think will be of interest to you."
Around 9:35 pm, Tan sent another message saying, "I think you don't care about these videos as much as I thought. I think I'll just share them? (Sic)"
The victim did not reply to the messages and filed a complaint with the police the next morning, suspecting the videos were being recorded by one of his personal assistants who had access to his home.
Two days later, on March 12th around 7.15pm, Tan texted the victim: “60,000 for these videos and pictures that have been deleted and not leaked. Let me know your decision. "
The victim replied about an hour later and suggested a sum of $ 50,000. The perpetrators agreed and Tan informed the victim that he wanted the sum in cash the next day.
The next morning around 9.25 am, Tan said to the victim, “Tomorrow. I want to tell you that I need that amount to this day ”and“ I understand you are working, but I think the banks are open and I know you know I want all of this ridden and done, so let's do it until tonight. "
Police arrested the three perpetrators that same day and were charged in court the next day.
But on bail, Tan tried again to extort $ 50,000 from the victim through another accomplice, using the same approach to threaten to distribute the videos if the money was not handed over.
When police arrested Tan at his home last September, they found drug use and methamphetamine paraphernalia. His urine also tested positive for the drug. He had previously received reform training in the use of the same drug.
The maximum penalty for criminal intimidation is up to two years in prison and a fine. If the act is committed anonymously, the perpetrator faces an additional prison sentence of up to two years.
The proceedings against Ho and the employee are pending in court.
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