Jake Gyllenhaal talks being a doting uncle and the rumors that he doesn't bathe: 'I’ve never been accused of being smelly'

Jake Gyllenhaal, 40, spoke about the rumors that he doesn't bathe in a new interview. The actor also spoke about his love for being uncle with Sister Maggie Gyllenhaal's children. (Photo: Rocco Spaziani / Archivio Spaziani / Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images)
Jake Gyllenhaal tries to dispel a rumor: he actually takes a bath.
In a new interview with The Times, the 40-year-old actor responded to comments suggesting that his showers were a little sporadic.
"I don't know!" Replied Gyllenhaal when asked how the viral story had gained momentum. “I think someone asked me about my bathing routine - which I found a little invasive. And so my answer was that sometimes I do everything. And what I got back was that I didn't bathe. "
However, Gyllenhaal said he had nothing against the rumors as he had never received any complaints.
“That's fine - I've never been accused of stinking. It's okay. Of course I bathe. In the Luna Rossa fragrance, every day, ”he joked, as the interview was supposed to promote his role as the face of the new Prada fragrance, Luna Rossa Ocean.
Gyllenhaal's statements about bathing come from his recent interview with Vanity Fair, in which he said, “I sometimes find bathing less necessary. I believe ... that good manners and bad breath are going nowhere. So I do that. But I also think that there is a whole world of no bathing that is also very helpful for skin care, and we clean ourselves naturally. "
His testimony came shortly after Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher talked about waiting until they see “dirt” on their children before bathing them. Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell also admitted they don't always bathe their children regularly, Yahoo Life previously reported.
When it comes to raising children of your own, Gyllenhaal has yet to settle down. However, he enjoys being the uncle of his two nieces, who are the children of his sister Maggie Gyllenhaal and her husband Peter Sarsgaard. The couple is parents of daughters Ramona (14) and Gloria Ray (9).
Gyllenhaal described his nieces as "two of the most incredible people" and made it clear: "I'm not just saying this because it's an interview." He added that the girls "come from a long line of incredible women and are even more incredible than those before them." But he made a conscious choice to be more active in their life as an uncle by letting the girls "come over to me, you know, when my sister and brother-in-law need a break and actually have time to tell us" five days spend together, get to know them and see them grow up and actually sit and listen to their experiences and the things they go through. "
Maggie and Jake Gyllenhaal. (Photo: P. Lehman / Barcroft Media via Getty Images)
Thankfully, it sounds like Uncle Jake's girls always show their best behavior.
“They are furthest from being a handful that anyone can imagine. And they really aren't on the phone. Their father taught them a lot about nature and the country, telephones are very important to him, which is a rarity, ”said Gyllenhaal.
However, satisfied with the girls avoiding his movies, he replied, "No!" when asked if they will.
Regarding his own future as a parent, Gyllenhaal has spoken in the past about his hopes of becoming a father one day.
"I definitely want kids," he told People last year.
In 2017, he also spoke openly on the subject, telling People, “I want to continue growing up than I already am. Hopefully with a family of their own. "
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