Jake Tapper Shoots Down Larry Kudlow For Claiming U.S. Is 'Safely' Living With COVID-19

CNN's Jake Tapper mocked a claim by White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow on Sunday that America is learning "how to deal with coronavirus in a targeted, safe and preventative manner."
Tapper told Kudlow to stick to what he knew - money.
"We're not learning to live with the virus, Larry," an incredulous tapper told State of the Union.
"We had more than 50,000 infections just four days in a row," he continued. "The death rate is the highest in the world."
He added, "Let's focus on the economics. That is your area of ​​expertise."
Kudlow claimed that as long as we live with the virus, as long as we protect the most vulnerable, as long as we follow key guidelines, we can get through this.
"I got you to talk about the economy, not health issues," said Tapper. "As for compliance with key guidelines," apparently related to health precautions like wearing masks and maintaining social distance, "you may want to let the man in the building behind you know," he added, referring to President Donald Trump.
Kudlow has a miserable record of remarks about the pandemic. He stated on March 6 that the coronavirus was "contained" and that Americans "should stay at work". We stopped doing that, ”he explained. COVID-19 has killed nearly 215,000 Americans since then.
Check out the Kudlow tapper face about the White House Advisor's latest sunny COVID-19 assessment in the video clip above. Tapper calls him at 1:50 a.m. on the coronavirus.
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