Jakub Voracek bodies 'weasel' Flyers beat reporter during live presser

Jakub Voracek went on Friday during a live press after the game on Flyers beat writer Mike Sielski. (Photo via NBC Sports)
This is the good stuff.
Players getting into the core of certain beat reporters saying, writing, and tweeting all kinds of wild nonsense are a rare but always welcome spectacle, and we got caught up with on Friday, just three days after the NHL season started blessed a fool.
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After a second victory in a row at the start of the campaign, the notorious off-ice trash slinger Jakub Voracek stood on the podium after his two-point night. After asking a fairly innocuous question, Flyers hit reporter Mike Sielski on live TV with an NSFW rant that will forever be one of the greats.
Voracek went into pure kill mode in his post-game presserpic.twitter.com/COuDGICGwk
- Yahoo Sports NHL (@YahooSportsNHL) January 16, 2021
"Anyway, Mike, you'll write shit every time ... I didn't even want to answer your question, you're such a weasel it's not even funny," said Voracek. as a teammate and hat-trick scorer, Travis Konecny ​​watched in disbelief.
Aside from the sheer surprise of Voracek's words and how deep they cut, Konecny, trying to hold them together while a Flyers veteran rips the soul right out of a local newspaper man's body, is the real kicker in this whole exchange. Only A + content all around.
I certainly don't have the time or desire to walk all the way down Mike Sielski's rabbit hole, but according to the man himself, he believes the beef came from a column he wrote in 2019.
About Crossing Broad:
Here is Mike's story rewritten:
“On Halloween 2019 I went to Voorhees, where they practiced that day. I'm going to write a column. They got off to a slow start this year and Alain Vigneault speaks and says he needs more from his experienced group of players. Voracek and James van Riemsdyk laughed as he spoke.
I'm going home and have a party in our house. We have 60 people dropping by for trick and treating. I'm on the deadline trying to write this column about what happened in practice. Flyers public relations came forward because they thought I was going to write that Voracek and van Riemsdyk laughed at Alain Vigneault. I apologized and said I could understand why they saw it that way. I went online and we fixed the column at that point to make it clear I didn't really know what they were talking about and I said I would be willing to sort things out with Jake so that I would speak to him while training or over the phone. Again we went in and fixed the pillar and that was it. "
Narrator: It definitely wasn't.
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