Jameela Jamil Made Valid Points About Kim Kardashian's "Obsession" With Body Image on Instagram

By Cosmopolitan
Kim Kardashian posted a video of herself in a waist corset.
Jameela Jamil did not beat up Kim for it, but said that Kim was a victim of society's impossible beauty standards for women.
Jameela Jamil is considered one of the greatest voices for body positivity of our century (sorry, I don't make rules) and has been fighting the good fight for years so that women can love the skin they are in without reservation. But of course there have been many times that Jameela has taken her mission to the extreme by calling out some of your favorite celebrities - and yes, that includes the Kardashians and Jenners.
While Jameela previously beat up the KarJenners for promoting unrealistic body types, obsession with images, and nutritional culture, she is now taking a short break to educate her followers about the deeper issues at stake here. After Kim Kardashian posted a video of himself on Instagram posing in a corset similar to what she was wearing at the 2019 Met Gala, Jameela said that Kim's intent is not to harm others mentally - it is just a consequence of being sucked in (no pun intended) to the impossible standards of beauty that women adhere to.
Jameela wrote:
I have received over 1000 DM asking me to fix it. The reason I didn't jump on it straight away is not because I don't think the post was harmful and disappointing. I do. This is because the fact that you tell me all about it shows that my job is done. I didn't try to cancel Kim K. I have always tried to arm YOU with the knowledge to realize for myself that this is a bullshit expectation of women developed by the patriarchy. If you know that keeping your impressive fans with such a highly impossible standard of beauty is problematic, reducing and irresponsible for you, then you are strengthened and conscious and do not need me.

Kim, like many of us, had decades of body image and obsession problems. This was heavily immortalized because the media closely examined her and her sisters about their appearances. It is not actively trying to harm you. She is just so hurt and deceived into thinking that she has to look that special and beautiful, and she spills it on her followers. Is that wrong? YES. But I'm not sure if she realizes that she is doing to others what her idols have done to her by thinking that a tiny waist is the key to femininity and sex appeal. We grew up in the era of heroin chic when we were told you had to look like a starving addict to be bullied about your body by the world? This toxicity from someone who is smart and knows better is a sign that this is harm they cannot stop.

So there is no point in yelling at them. The smart thing is to protect yourself. You have the strength. YOU control every market. YOU choose what and who is the trend. Don't follow people who tell you things that hurt your self-esteem. Don't be surprised by the wreckage of their damage. Do not follow people / brands where you do not feel powerful, happy and thankful for what you have.

You are the boss and none of them are shit without you. The Patriarch wants us to focus on our weight instead of strength, equality and psychological freedom. FUCK EVERYONE WHO ENCOURAGES THAT. BLOCK. MUTE. CLEAR. TO REPEAT. Instead, follow activists, writers, artists, and comedians
All this news from Jameela? We call that growth.
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