James Corden on Prince Harry's Departure From Royal Life: "I Cannot Imagine Any of It Is Easy"

From Prince Harry's appearance on the Late Late Show With James Corden, it was clear that he and James Corden have a pretty strong friendship; something that gave James insight into Harry's life as a royal and recent departure. Besides being absolutely fun to watch together, the two of them were open beforehand when it came to difficult topics. In other interviews, they have touched on their own mental health struggles, experiences with fatherhood, as well as Harry's journey to retreat from traditional royal life and move to Los Angeles.
On a recent episode of Howard Stern's radio show, when asked about Meghan and Harry's decision to step down from their royal duties, James replied, "I can't imagine any of this being easy." although he never spoke "in depth" to Harry about the subject, "I don't think a person in such a position is easy in their life." James went on to say that he believes Harry was having a "hard time" giving up his official duties, but he knows the King as the optimistic character we all saw on this famous Late Late Show episode. "The Harry you saw in the clip we did on the open bus is a great reflection of who I know," added James. The two remain friends and keep in touch. We're hoping for another James and Harry episode as funny as the one back in February.

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