Jamie Foxx Grieves His Younger Sister DeOndra's Death at 36

Jamie Foxx's sister DeOndra Dixon tragically passed away at the age of 36, the actor shared on Instagram. Despite being 16 years older than her, Foxx and his sister DeOndra had a very special relationship and he has spoken on many occasions about the light she brings into his life. Dixon was named an ambassador for the Global Down Syndrome Foundation in 2011 and wanted to stand up for others with Down syndrome who had not shared their opportunities. She proudly shares on her bio how Brother Jamie got her dancing at the Grammys and worked towards her lifelong dream of being a professional dancer, and Jamie now speaks just as proud as he remembers her vitality and the lifelong memories she has the family left. Our hearts are with this family and with Foxx as he mourns the loss of his sibling.
Foxx used social media to express his feelings after his sister's death and to speak to both his fans and sister.
"My heart has broken into a million pieces ... my beautiful, loving sister Deondra has changed ... I say" changed "because she will always be alive," he wrote. "Everyone who knew my sister ... knew she was a bright light ... I can't tell you the number of times we parties in the house where she was on the dance floor and stole the show I know that she is in heaven and is now dancing with her wings. "
Foxx says he's hurt by her loss, but he can't stop thinking of the joy and light in all of his memories of her, and knowing that she left that to everyone who loved her.
"Although my pain is incredible, I smile when I think of all the great memories she left me ... my family ... and their friends ... from dancing on the video with the guilt ... to dancing at the Grammys ... from sliding down mine Stairs with a grin as wide as the Rio Grand ... to serenade us with all of their music, ”he wrote. "Deondra, you left a hole in my heart ... but I'll fill it with all the memories you gave me."
At a time when it can feel like the whole world is in mourning, we honor Foxx's bravery in putting his pain into words for the public - so that he may share his sister's legacy, touch others in their own moments of sadness and deal with his own grief. We wish this family peace and togetherness if they get through this.
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