Jamie Foxx teases body transformation to play Mike Tyson in biopic

By digital spy
Heavyweight boxing icon Mike Tyson is played by Jamie Foxx in a new biopic.
After years in development hell, Foxx himself announced that the passion project is finally moving forward when he spoke to producer Mark Birnbaum in an Instagram live interview this week.
The film, apparently titled Finding Mike, focuses on the chaotic life of the knockout artist, in which he spent three years in prison, filed for bankruptcy, and controversially bit an opponent during a title fight - he also had a favorite tiger.
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Foxx teased his physical transformation for the role of 'Iron Mike' on his own Instagram page yesterday (June 19) and wrote alongside a series of photos: "The transformation begins ... 'FINDING MIKE'.
"It's no secret that I've been following the @ miketyson biopic for some time ... people always ask me when it will happen? ... things have finally started ...
"We started the journey a few months ago ... The first, but greatest, task is to transform the body ... we got off to a pretty good start with a regiment of pull-ups and pushups ..."
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In the meantime, the actor said to Birnbaum: "Taking biographies is a difficult thing. Sometimes it takes 20 years to get it done, but we have officially got the ball rolling. I can't wait to show people , what is it.
"I saw him [Tyson] at the height of his career and when it got bad and bumpy I saw him too. So I'm looking forward to the film to show those moments. I think everyone, young and young old, will be able to understand this man's journey. "
Although Foxx has already received an Oscars Best Actor award for his performance in another biopic - Ray from 2004 - the reality of being one of the most valued faces of boxing could be his toughest test to date.
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