Janeway Returns! ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ to Feature Kate Mulgrew’s Voice Talents as ‘Voyager’ Captain

She is back. One of the most beloved and fearless "Star Trek" captains of all time, Kathryn Janeway will return to the space franchise in animated form for Nickelodeon's animated series "Star Trek: Prodigy". "Prodigy" debuts in 2021 and is CG-animated by CBS 'new Eye Animation Productions division. Original Janeway actress Kate Mulgrew bestows her singing talent.
Fans last saw Janeway, who was promoted to Admiral in 2002, in Star Trek: Nemesis, when she gave his mission briefing to Jean-Luc Picard. Mulgrew's character previously led all seven seasons of "Star Trek: Voyager" via a Federation starship that was thrown to the other side of the galaxy by a mysterious alien force and was about to travel home for years. She was very dedicated to her crew and their safe return, but also opened up a whole new part of the galaxy - the Delta Quadrant - for exploration. Mulgrew won over fans with her Katharine Hepburn-like phrase with the intensity she gave the character when Janeway fought the Borg, mentored Jeri Ryan's Seven of Nine and even went on a ship once ("Time is up! ").
Little is known about “Prodigy” other than that, as CBS and Nickelodeon's own description say, it will deal with “a group of lawless teenagers who discover a derelict Starfleet ship and use it in search of adventure, meaning and salvation. ”Does Janeway's presence indicate that it will be set in the 24th century after the events of" Voyager "? Or maybe sometime in the distant future as a hologram? The final episode of "Voyager" gave a glimpse into a possible future version of white-haired Janeway, whose decades in the Delta Quadrant had made her an Ahab-like figure who dealt a decisive blow to and helped the Borg to get the younger version of yourself at home. It will be interesting to see what the visual reference for the character will look like.
The "Star Trek" series from CBS All Access increasingly relies on elements of the popular "Trek" series of the 1990s with "Picard" (which also featured Ryan's return as "Seven of Nine") and multiple references this era of "Trek" the animated series "Lower Decks", which serves almost as a continuation of the years of Rick Berman-Brannon Braga, via the unique stamp of creator Mike McMahan. "Lower Decks" is aimed at adults, while "Prodigy" will appeal to younger audiences due to its placement on Nickelodeon.
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