Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles Have Some Great Retirement Ideas for Supernatural 's Sam and Dean

The end of an era begins tonight (again).
Supernatural is about to debut its last seven episodes, and while there are still a few weeks to go, you can bet everyone has been thinking about it for a long time.
Before the season 15 premiere in 2019, E! News sat down with the stars of the long (long) drama to talk about the ending and how they'd like to say goodbye to their characters. Jared Padalecki stated that he always said he felt the brothers were supposed to die - seriously - "like butch Cassidy and Sundance of sorts," but that has actually changed for him over the years.
"I feel like the thrust of what I said, the undercurrent of what I was trying to communicate is that I want you to be at peace. Somehow, somewhere. You don't have to be dead, but I felt myself like for many years in which they have to die to be at peace, "he said. "So I don't make a commitment whether they're dead or alive, but I feel like I want the brothers to be at peace in some form."
Salute to Jared Padalecki's over a decade's worth of supernatural hair
As we have pointed out, when you are really dead in peace, it is more difficult to come back for a movie or some form of show reunion, and it seems very likely that it will.
"I'll say that. I hope I won't play Sam Winchester for the last time on April 2nd," he said, referring to the series' original finale before the coronavirus pandemic shut down production.
And as Jensen Ackles pointed out, dying is often not the end at Supernatural - just ask all the bad guys who returned from the dead to terrorize the brothers this season. He's down because of a death, but he's down because of another plan too.
"If we go out like that, great. Or maybe the boys will move to Reno and become card players, and you know the biggest fight is juggling three waitresses," he said.
"Art imitates life," joked Padalecki.
"Right what?"
Supernatural, season 15
But really, we would look at this fork.
"It's a nice retirement," said Ackles. "You're a card player, I'm a card dealer. We'll just take the whole casino for what they're worth!"
Last season, enemies from the Winchester's past were welcomed as God so kindly delivered them all from Hell, as well as old friends and directors to bid farewell to the series. As the boys told us, literally anyone could come back. And they did and still could!
Click both videos above to hear from the brothers themselves!
Supernatural air Thursdays at 8 p.m. on the CW.
A version of this article was originally published on October 10, 2019.
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