Jay Leno stunned by new GMC Hummer EV test drive: ‘It just makes me laugh’

The brand new GMC Hummer EV was put through its paces in Jay Leno's garage on Wednesday. General Motor's designer, Al Oppenheiser, had Leno drive a pre-production prototype off-road and the former Tonight Show host was very impressed.
The massive electric vehicle has a powerful, zero-emission 1,000 horsepower engine and offers a remarkable range of 350 miles on a single charge. The Infinity Roof System allows owners to remove most of the roof for a spectacular view. And what you can't see out the window, you can probably see through one of the 18 onboard cameras that give the driver a full view of the landing gear.
"I know. It's amazing how effortless it feels, it just makes me laugh," Leno said as we drove. "" It just makes a big old diesel thing seem so out of date. You know, the torque on it really makes me smile. It's just so incredibly powerful. "
Leno was also very impressed with the Crabwalk feature, the latest technology in all-wheel steering.
"When the Hummer hits an impassable object such as a boulder, Crabwalk can activate all four wheels to turn up to 10 degrees in the same direction while the body of the vehicle remains straight," explains Leno. "This means that the entire vehicle can easily be bypassed and driven on."
While a capable off-roader, the original H2 Hummer from General Motors only averaged and estimated 12 mpg. Production stopped in 2009 when the company went bankrupt. However, Leno believes that this new eco-friendly version should keep everyone happy.
"It's actually faster, it's more powerful, it's quieter," said Leno. “There is no place where the gas vehicle outperforms that. That wins in all respects, which I find fascinating. "
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