Jeannie Mai Clarifies Why She Wants to 'Submit' to Jeezy When Married

Jeannie Mai made it clear why she doesn't want to be the leader of her marriage to her fiancé Jeezy after announcing her decision to "submit" to him.
In the aftermath of Thursday's Tamron Hall Show, The Real's co-host continued her controversial comments. “Good to me, submission doesn't mean you are lower or less important than your husband. Of course, [Jeezy] and I respect each other very much, ”she said. "What I mean is in my work life, in my real life, I own my business, I lead my team, I make all the decisions and I lead completely outside of my life."
“In my house, I want my husband to lead,” Mai continued. "I want him to take what I want and what my desires are, what my dreams are, and then include it to make the overall decision that is best for our shared vision."
Mai doesn't seem concerned after her comments on social media received mixed feedback. "Girl, I'm 41, I don't care what kind of pushback I get from other women out there," said Mai. “This is my life, and you know I came out of a divorce and also made an important decision to remarry after being blessed to fall in love and find such a beautiful person. I want to be very clear and open about how our lives can be so that we make sure that our vision is aligned and that we are both empathetic to each other and know that this is the structure we are going into. I think the biggest mistake you can make is not to communicate what you want and not prepare it for victory. "
Mai first discussed her decision to be submissive in her marriage on Tuesday's episode of The Real and said, “Well, I'll say right here that I, Jeannie Mai, are going into my marriage - I want to submit to my husband , "She said." When I hear that definition, submitting has a negative connotation. It means you are less important and lower than the person you are submitting to. It can usually be like talking about someone who works lower than you, and I'm not referring to that here. "
Mai also mentioned that she made her choice based on the fact that her mother made most of the decisions in her household, which caused friction with Mai's father. Mai noticed that she has tendencies similar to her mother's and didn't want them for her own marriage.
Mai and Jeezy announced their engagement in April. Mai divorced Freddy Harteis in December 2018 after the couple had been married for 10 years.
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