Jeff Bridges pictured on a walk after revealing his cancer's in remission

Jeff Bridges looked happy and healthy while walking in Los Angeles on Monday with his wife Susan. It's a welcome sighting for fans as The Big Lebowski star battled a severe COVID-19 attack while battling cancer.
Last week, Bridges shared positive news that his cancer was in remission almost a year after he went public with his lymphoma diagnosis. (His “9 x 12” tumor has shrunk to “the size of a marble”.) The 71-year-old also announced that he contracted COVID-19 after being exposed to chemotherapy, writing, “ My dancing with COVID makes my cancer look like a piece of cake. "
Jeff Bridges looks sane on a walk in Los Angeles after sharing a positive health update. (Photo: Jesal / Diggzy / Shutterstock)
Bridges gave the virus to his wife and they were both hospitalized in the intensive care unit. While Susan stayed for five days, the actor was there for five weeks because of his weakened immune system.
"Covid pretty much kicked my ass, but I got the double vaccine and I feel a lot better now," wrote Bridges, adding that he heard the vaccine helps "long-distance drivers."
“While I had moments of tremendous pain ... as I approached the Pearl Gates, I felt happy and joyful most of the time. This encounter with mortality brought me a real gift - life is short and beautiful. ”He went on. "Love is available all around us and at all times. It's about opening up to accept the gift."
Bridges next returns to the screen in FX's The Old Man.
Jeff Bridges reveals that his cancer is "in remission" after contracting COVID-19 during chemotherapy
Jeff Bridges says his cancer is in remission, but he contracted COVID-19 from chemotherapy and was near death. Almost a year after going public with his lymphoma diagnosis, the 71-year-old Oscar winner announced that he was "in remission" and that his tumor, which he said was "9 x 12", shrunk to "the size of a marble". "
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