Jeffree Star Returns to YouTube With Claims Ex Was Being Impersonated Online

As Jeffree Star put it: "Never boring."
Indeed, this is true of the makeup guru's life lately. After allegations that some of his designer goods were stolen, the beauty mogul returned to his YouTube channel after almost two months of absence to offer some updates on life. During his last upload, Star said to fans, "The past few weeks have been a really insane whirlwind."
"I've been with someone recently - some called it dating. Some called it king," he said. "I was hanging out with someone. We don't hang out anymore and there was a lot of online activity and in short, a random person made a fake report on Andre [Marhold] and made up some crazy stuff about me because we did continue for a week longer now. "
"Now most of the people have common sense and they know it wasn't real, but it was convincing for a minute and now they're cheating people out of money and it's going to be a crazy legal thing, but I can't believe people fell for false news and posted about it. "
The internet personality pointed out some of the false claims allegedly made about him by allegedly fake accounts. "Now I get it. It's my job. It's what I signed up for, but to hear crazy rumors about 'Jeffree does meth', 'Jeffree has AIDS,' Jeffree has this, 'Jeffree does that' - i was like what in actual f - k? "
E! The news asked Marhold for a comment.
YouTube's biggest scandals
He also told viewers that legal action has been taken. "The internet is a little cuckoo this year. Now that this is over and this person is being prosecuted, it's been a very interesting time ... So, all these fake accounts - we found out who you were. Thank goodness for IP addresses and law enforcement. "E! The Los Angeles Police Department has been asked to comment.
On September 30, Star also responded to rumors that he had been robbed.
"Jeffree Lynn was played a little," he said in a video on his Instagram story. "So, I've been hanging out with someone, just two adult adults having sex and relaxing, nothing serious. But I was introduced to a very different person than who this man really was. So, and that's fine - you all I'm sure a lot of you have dated or dealt with, or even hung out with some seedy people, and yes, bitch, it happened to me.
"So, about a week ago," he continued, "Jeffree Lynn discovered a lot of things and this person secretly had no job, no money, not even a bank account, and we're talking about this person being over 30 years old." So, all of these things that I was told were all wrong. And I was lied to and I said, "Okay, bye honey. It was really good to meet you. Thank you. Bye!" And then suddenly some Louis Vuitton luggage is missing. Some rucksacks and sunglasses are missing. So, 'Jeffree Star was Robbed' - someone just stole a few things. "
Star also made it clear that it was more the action that upset him than the actual losses. "Well, I know. Jeffree, you can just buy it again. I'm not complaining about no value, no money - it's just a principle. I don't care if someone steals a nickel from your counter, it's wrong" , he said . "Some designers weren't stolen from me and it's not about what it is, it's just about the principle. It's just sad. Instead of answering the phone, this person just posted like they were still driving in my house Car that you once moved in the parking lot. I'm so, that was so weird. So I just wanted my things back. "
A rejection was issued on one of Marhold's alleged Instagram accounts, although that account has not been verified.

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