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Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck want to show the world there are no troubles in paradise after the 50-year-old Tender Bar actor was recently spotted without his wedding ring as they posted an extremely affectionate video on social media depicting Kourtney Kardashian and Travis almost robbed Barker of her money. (We said almost!)
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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's adorable Instagram and TikTok video
The 53-year-old Marry Me actress shared a video to her Instagram account on Sunday, November 20 (and also on TikTok) of herself and her new husband smiling and cuddling and generally acting like one what would be expected of newly married lovers . J-Lo sits on Ben's lap and the audio says, "Guys, I did it! I've found the person who makes me the happiest I've ever been."
(Don't expect to see it on her Instagram now, though, as the JLo Beauty founder has completely darkened her profile and deleted all previous content and replaced her profile picture with a black one, in what most fans think is a big career announcement coming While their previous content is still on their Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok pages (thank goodness!), their profiles have all gone dark, too.)
Some people thought Bennifer's Instagram video was the cutest thing ever, with one fan commenting: "Their breakup was a tough time for me lol. I love that they found their way back together," and another added, "We've waited too long for this. Congratulations," while others thought it might have been a distraction and something to mend the alleged cracks in their relationship, of which there are many if insiders are to be believed! "I'll give them 2 weeks," one commented skeptical fan. "Ben deserves an Oscar for acting in this movie. Best role ever," quipped another.
Are Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck currently separated?
Unfortunately, there are plenty of reports to suggest that divorce could be imminent, despite the couple only tying the knot this summer. The 'On My Way' singer and the 'Gone Girl' actor are reportedly living apart (omg!) to try to salvage their relationship, which has reportedly been on the brink for the past few months.
Reports of trouble in paradise began when multiple sources suggested the Batman vs Superman actor was unhappy that his new wife was dedicating most of her time to her work as opposed to her new marriage. "She fooled him for a while, but Ben realizes that Jennifer is as career-driven as ever," an insider told RadarOnline at the time.
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And J-Lo is also reportedly having her issues with her new husband, as not only does she despise his smoking habit, but she's also affected by his messiness, which is one of the reasons they're reportedly living apart at the moment.
"Ben doesn't clean up after himself, which irritates Jennifer's [expletive]," another source told RadarOnline. "She absolutely hates Ben's cigarettes," they added. "He promised to give it up, but with all their nagging, he's smoking more than ever."
Ben Affleck spotted without his wedding ring
Another sign of trouble in paradise came when Ben - who looked "sad and dejected" according to RadarOnline - was spotted without his wedding ring, which he then tried to hide by keeping his left hand in his pocket, when he was caught by paparazzi while his right hand was holding his iced coffee.
God does have his favorites and Ben Affleck is one of them!!!
- TAG - #JLOiscoming (@withlopez) October 27, 2022
Inside sources say Jennifer and Ben are 'living their best lives'
However, another source reportedly told Entertainment Tonight just last month that there was nothing to the rumors of trouble in paradise, as they claimed that as husband and wife, Jennifer and Ben are "really living their best lives."
"Jen and Ben are essentially inseparable and feel like the wedding was one of the best things they've ever done," the source said. "They are happily in love. They are happier than ever, as are their families. All are adapted and get along very well. They feel very united.”
Relationship Story of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck
Many fans have wondered if the newlyweds have thrown themselves into things the second time around after rekindling their romance in 2021, 17 years after calling off their first engagement. They announced their second engagement in April of this year and married just three months later in a low-key ceremony in Las Vegas, before having a huge star-studded wedding in Georgia in August.
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American film actor, director and screenwriter
Jennifer Lopez
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