Jennifer Lopez Wore the Minidress Pretty Much Everyone Brings on Vacation

As you probably learned this weekend, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are celebrating their 52nd birthday in Saint-Tropez. And I don't know about you, but I can't look away. I don't care they trolling us or anything (check it out) - in fact, I love it. But I digress. The point of this story is to tell you about the dress J.Lo wore while shopping in Monaco, so let's get to that.
It's hard to recreate a J.Lo vacation wardrobe, but their shopping outfit can actually be copied. All you need is a cute hat, flat sandals and a little white dress. I love a white dress for summer vacation, and according to my Instagram feed, I'm not alone. What's especially exciting about this cute J.Lo linen dress is that it can be yours with one click and $ 178 on Reformation. At press time, it's fully stocked in every size and color, so choose your fighter. Or just be like J.Lo and go for the white as it is the ultimate vacation dress and everything.
Scroll to shop for Jennifer Lopez's Little White Reformation Dress, along with a few more white mini dresses I'd love to pack in my suitcase.
On Jennifer Lopez: Reformation Roarke Linen Dress ($ 178); Valentino bag
Buy J.Los Reformation Dress
Reformation Roarke Linen Dress in White ($ 178)
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Reformation Roarke Linen Dress in Courtyard ($ 178)
Reformation Roarke Parmesan Linen Dress ($ 178)
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Reformation Winifred Linen Dress ($ 148)
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Next up are 33 stunning dresses that will want to go on vacation with you.
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