'Jeopardy!' fans call out the show for incorrect and offensive answer

At risk! A medical tip in particular did not go down well with many fans on Monday. And they took to social media with their disgust. Coming from a category called plain-named maladies, the note read by presenter Savannah Guthrie said, "Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome is also known as Grinch syndrome because this organ is too small." The correct answer had been: "What is the heart?"
Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, also known as POTS, is defined by myheart.net as a condition that impairs blood flow through the body and causes dizziness when standing. It occurs mainly in younger women and other common symptoms include increased heart rate, extreme tiredness, and drowsiness. There was also an increase in POTS diagnosis in patients who also had Covid-19.
But the use of the term "Grinch Syndrome" by Jeopardy! and the association with a little heart - which is not currently associated with POTS - rubbed people the wrong way. A bystander said, “Oh Jeopardy! that is shameful. I have POTs and I am sorry you would resort to them. How low. And I may add, incredibly wrong. "

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