Jeremy and Audrey Roloff Retrieve Shoes Tied Together 9 Years Ago During 'Summer We Fell in Love'

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff remember the summer their "love became mutual" almost a decade later by recalling a special keepsake from the early days of their relationship.
28-year-old Audrey shared the story on Instagram on Friday, revealing that the pair were reunited with shoes that they tied together nine years ago and left on a trestle.
"I fell in love with Jeremy nine years ago after patiently following me two years earlier. Summer 2011 was the summer when our love became mutual," Audrey wrote in the caption for a series of photos and videos.
"We wanted to somehow physically mark the summer we fell in love with, so we decided to tie one of Jeremy's old Sperry Topsiders and one of my old running shoes together and throw them on our trestle. We have on the bottom of Jers shoe wrote: "Jeremy and Audrey Summer 2011." It was the day we officially started dating, "she continued.
Audrey said she still "vividly remembers her new boyfriend" when she "started his Birkenstock's to climb barefoot halfway up the trestle, and somehow managed to throw our shoes perfectly on that thin wire that." is about 70 feet below the railroad ties. ""
Audrey Roloff / Instagram Jeremy and Audrey Roloff's shoes
Audrey Roloff / Instagram Jeremy and Audrey Roloff's shoes
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"They miraculously wrapped themselves around the wire several times to ensure safety. We left our mark on our shoes in the summer and on our trestle," continued Audrey, further explaining that the trestle marked the place for that she admitted her feelings to Jeremy for the first time, where he suggested and where she "sat under the morning of our wedding to pray".
"The goat who is now the view from my parents' house. The goat on the cover of our first book A Love Letter Life. Our goat?" She wrote. "⁣⁣They have weathered wind, rain and even a fire in the past 9 years! Every time we drive under our buck on the way to my parents' house, do we look up to make sure our shoes are still there? ⁣ "
Audrey Roloff / Instagram Jeremy and Audrey Roloff
On May 29, the duo drove under the goat when 30-year-old Jeremy noticed that the shoes were no longer hanging in the usual place.
On some research, Jeremy found that the shoes had dropped and climbed onto the trestle again - this time to take the shoes back with him.
"Our shoes came back to us, still tied together!" Audrey said in her caption. "We're still not sure how it happened ... but it matters so much WHEN it happened. We honestly still process the timing and so reverently how God uses the smallest things to help you greatest things to remember. #ALoveLetterLife? "
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Jeremy also shared the videos of his adventure on his own Instagram account, stating that the gesture of tying her shoes together over the years should "either mark the memory of a summer love or the beginning of our life love story."
"To our delight, they marked the latter," he added.
"We also consider the timing of our" shoes return "to be important for reasons that we will share at a different time," he wrote. "Remember, we live the story we will tell tomorrow!"
Jeremy and Audrey made a bond in 2014 and now share two children: son Bode James, whom they welcomed in January, and daughter Ember Jean, whom they welcomed in 2017.

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