Jerry Rice offers perfect response to Randy Moss' GOAT receiver claim

Rice responds perfectly to Moss' GOAT recipient claim originally posted on NBC Sports Bayarea
Jerry Rice, like most goats, doesn't care about the opinions of those who look up to him.
Legendary recipient Randy Moss made waves last week when he claimed to be the undisputedly best recipient in NFL history, with Terrell Owens finishing in second place and Rice third or fourth.
Rice, who holds numerous NFL records including most receptions, receptions, total touchdowns, and 1,000 yard seasons, had the perfect answer to Moss' absurd claim.
"Well, that's what I tried to tell the fans and everyone," Rice told 95.7 The Games "The Morning Roast." "It wasn't about me being the GOAT. I don't care if I am the one, the second, or the third recipient. It was just about winning Super Bowls for the city of San Francisco, my teammates and my family . I won three Super Bowls, I won MVP, I hold pretty much every record right now. He keeps saying it's political or whatever. But if Randy wants to be number 1, that's fine. There is a lot of GOATS. If TO wants to be number 2, that's fine. But my main thing is that it was all about the rings, the championships, so we play the games.
"I remember Super Bowl 29 with Steve Young. He felt like he had to win a Super Bowl if he was going to go down as one of the elite quarterbacks. I've always thought that way. I was very lucky with some great ones to play. " Player, play on some great teams and win some Super Bowls. "
For Moss, his place as the best recipient of all time rests on the false claim that he is more dominant than Rice.
"I'm going to be first, I'll be TO second. I think Jerry [Rice] is probably third or fourth," Moss said. "I'm talking about dominating the game and changing the game of football. I'm not alive of stats, because if you live on stats and championships it's all political. You've seen people get fired or cut off a team by a few words in the media. You've seen guys not just because of the color of theirs Skin contracts. You need to get politics out of the game and examine the impact of what each individual could achieve in the game. "
There is no doubt that Moss is the second best recipient of all time and perhaps the most physically gifted. But he didn't honor Rice in terms of career awards or Super Bowl titles, and he didn't change the game the way Rice did.
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Moss can still claim that he is the undisputed goat. It doesn't matter to Rice.
He has three rings and a ton of NFL records that could never be broken. Nothing Moss says can change these facts.

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