Jersey Shore Finale: Snooki Tearfully Quits Show After Disastrous Speech at Angelina's Wedding

The Jersey Shore: Family Vacation season finale on Thursday marked the end of an era when Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi decided to leave the show.
The episode was recorded at the end of bridesmaids Nicole, Jenni "JWoww" Farley and Deena Cortese's infamous speech at Angelina Pivarnick's wedding to Chris Larangeira last November. Although the girls swore they didn't mean harm, jokes like "you are the garbage in our pockets", the "lice in our hair" and the "garbage dump on our island" were not well received by the crowd. That was full of Angelina's family and friends, mostly locals from Staten Island, who were booing all the time.
And while Angelina saw herself laughing during the speech, she changed her tune after it was over when she noticed that her husband Chris seemed upset. She got excited and threatened to "go outside and get out" while Chris and others tried to calm her down. But the damage was done, and soon she stormed out and swore at the cameras that ran after her.
"I know in my heart and in my brain that the man I just married is extremely hurt that these girls are saying this about his wife," she later said in a confessional. "It's the wrong place. It's the wrong time. You don't do that at a wedding."
"At the moment I feel so disrespectful. I don't care if I'm the greatest joker on earth and I'm joking about myself all the time - that's my prerogative. I can joke about myself," she continued. "How dare you do this on my wedding night, the day of my life that I just wanted to be normal? Who are you who goes there on my wedding day and calls me these names?"
When the girls found out that Angelina was crying outside, they were devastated.
"I can't believe this is a thing like she's mad because literally two seconds before she was happy and loved the speech," said Nicole. "And now she freaks out and I just don't know what happened. I don't know what flipped her switch."
"I have no idea why this is disproportionate," Jenni said, insisting that they didn't have "an ounce of evil will."
"I mean, the best man literally gave the same speech about period s," she continued. "It doesn't even make sense."
Deena, who was the most upset and even tried to walk, also felt that Angelina blew the speech disproportionately.
"I have a feeling that this happens a lot with Angelina," she said. "She just laughed and told us that she loves us, so I'm really confused."
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The drama raged on and Angelina missed much of the evening when she scolded the "disgusting" and "disgusting" speech. After she finally returned to the ballroom to cut the cake and dance with her guests, Deena came up to her to apologize. But Angelina didn't want anything to do with her and triggered another wave of tears.
Deena returned to her table and turned to address the camera between sobs. She said that she was "done" with her long-time colleague. "Now I let everyone know, I will never film with her again here," she vowed.
Nicole was also fed up. "I've never had so much drama with a friend," she admitted.
When the disastrous night came to an end, Nicole turned to Deena with some surprising news.
"I quit, I think," she said to her. "I think it is. It's not fun."
Later, in a confessional, she broke down.
"I always love my roommates. Jersey Shore is literally my life," she said, crying. "I would never have met my best friends, so the fact that it ends up has to be really shitty for me."
So everyone stacked up in their respective cars and drove home.
"I'm not sure where we're going from here," said Deena. "But that's what it is at this point."
As for Angelina? She didn't give in.
"Do you know what they want? They want me to just say, 'Okay, I'll forgive you.' I'm not doing it. No way. Bye, "she said. "And I don't know how to get over it. I really don't know."
"I would have to compare this wedding to the Titanic," said Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino. "It was beautiful, it was great, but at the end of the day it sank and split in half."
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The 32-year-old Nicole announced last December that she was withdrawing from the popular MTV reality show that restarted in 2018. When she spoke to PEOPLE earlier this year, she went along with the decision and found that her TV career wasn't over yet.
"I had to keep going," she said. "It's just not for me anymore. Drama has never been my thing. Especially now I don't want to leave my children and don't see them for days to do that. I want to go and have a good time with my friends and roommates, and then coming home and becoming a mother. So this season has been very stressful and I just had no fun. I want to do something that is more uplifting in my life. "
"I'm definitely not done with television," added the star. "I just finished this show."

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