Jersey Shore 's Angelina Pivarnick Undergoes 'Butt Lift' Procedure on Camera: 'I Don't Do Squats'

Angelina Pivarnick gives her a little boost!
The Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, 33, filmed their appointment for a "Bandaid Butt Lift" procedure and shared it with their Instagram followers on Wednesday. The title was: "Volume recovery from hip dips. I've been swaying for a while now and I've lost a lot of volume in my butt, so this procedure will help restore volume in the areas that I've lost. "
In the video, Pivarnick, wearing a mask due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, greets fans as they visit the New Jersey-based plastic surgeon Dr. John Paul Tutela prepared for the beauty procedure.
"We do something like a butt lift with Sculptra," she tells the audience. "It's going to be very exciting for me because I've lost a lot of volume in my butt over the years due to fluctuations in weight loss and weight gain."
"Let's face it, I don't squat," she adds.
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In the comments, Pivarnick told fans she was "so happy I did" and promised to reveal the results "soon".
When a fan asked how she was sitting after the procedure, the founder of Lashelina Lashes replied: "I'm sitting right now. So you can sit right after. ????"
In addition to a selfie with Pivarnick, Tutela expanded the process on his Instagram account, which is an injectable product called Sculptra.
"Sculptra is injected to lift the buttocks with a small volume or to fill in hip dips," he wrote. "It usually takes at least 2-4 treatments 6 weeks apart."
Dr. John Paul Tutela (left) and Angelina Pivarnick (right)
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Pivanick had previously sought Tutela's help when she underwent breast augmentation surgery. In February, she shared the results of the operation in a selfie on Instagram showing her new breast implants in a white lace bra.
"Thanks to @tutelaps ???, my boobies are now my favorite part of my body," said the reality star in the post, marking the plastic surgeon. "Anyone looking for a doctor who knows what he is doing is your type !!! I have never had surgery in my life before and I want to tell you that I would do it again because he is so incredible . "
"It makes you feel like family :). He even asked me what kind of music I wanted to hear before going under anesthesia, "she added." That was the last thing I remembered until I woke up, lol. "
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Pivarnick later encouraged one of her supporters to think about the operation, not to worry about the experience.
“Anyone who is nervous about an operation is not worried. Your results will speak for themselves, ”she wrote. “Make an appointment for consultations today and book with him. You will thank me later. Thanks again doc. Hands of a god. "
She later updated her followers in her Instagram story, saying that she just had a follow-up appointment with Tutela.
"My scar is gone !!", she wrote about the snapshot in the doctor's office. "Thank you, Doc. You are sooo talented. "

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