Jessica Biel Reveals How Justin Timberlake Went Behind Her Back to Get Candy Role

Justin Timberlake enjoys playing supporting roles for his wife Jessica Biel.
In fact, the singer was so eager to star alongside his wife on the Hulu limited series Candy that he basically did it for nothing.
Biel - also a producer on the series - told Entertainment Weekly that Justin had seen the scripts and expressed an interest in playing Detective Steve Deffibaugh, but she told him the production couldn't afford him. "'We're out of money' was basically the conversation," she recalled. "And he said, 'I want to play this role.' And I said, "Yeah. Okay." He's like, 'No, no. I want to play that role.'"
Biel went on to reach out to her producing partner, Michelle Purple, to ask if the role had already been booked, but Timberlake, with whom she shares two children, was one step ahead of her: "She's like, 'I know. He's already called me about it.'"
Then she and Purple reached out to showrunner Robin Veith - who Timberlake had also confronted. "They literally started talking and had a creative discussion about what that might mean," Biel explained. "She was excited about the idea."
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All they had to do was figure out how to pay the Grammy winner — but Timberlake had already figured it all out. Biel recalled, "We told him, 'We can't pay you,' and he said, 'I don't give a fuck about getting paid. We said, 'We can do that.'”
Tina Rowden/Hulu
In fact, when Jason Ritter booked his role, Veith approached Melanie Lynskey, who plays Betty Gore, to cast her husband. "It was over the holiday season and we were all texting a group," Lynskey recalled. "I texted a picture of Jason with our daughter and he had grown a mustache out of sheer boredom. Robin said, 'Wait a minute. He looks very appropriate.”
They ended up letting Jason shave his mustache, but he didn't mind. "He loves to work and was happy to be a part of it," Lynskey shared, adding, "and he loved Justin so it really worked out."
Biel and Lynskey couldn't be prouder of their husbands, who formed a "bromance" while working on the show. The actresses shared that even when they weren't filming, they couldn't separate the men.
"You see their chemistry," Biel said of Ritter and Timberlake's scenes together. "They are both so funny and really good at their jobs. They were just great fun. There was a lot of improvisation, which gave me the freedom to improvise.”
And while Timblerlake played the detective interrogating Biel's character, Candy Montgomery, it wasn't the least bit awkward. Biel explained: “It was fun to be an opponent with him. It was more fun than, I think, playing a romantic lead, you know what I mean? It was more fun going head to head Great."
Candy will air in a five-day event beginning May 9th and ending May 13th.
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