Jessica Biel Wants Everyone To Know How She Really Feels About Her Nannies

Jessica Biel has spoken candidly about motherhood over the years, revealing the realities of being a working mom. But this time, she's spotlighting not just one, but two important people in her support system: her nannies!
Biel said on The Drew Barrymore Show earlier this month that she adores her two nannies and is incredibly grateful to them. "There is no way my life...would exist without the two wonderful nannies who take care of my beautiful children."
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The Candy star added: "Thank you to everyone out there making life possible for everyone else outside of the home. We couldn't do it without the support teams we have - and we shouldn't be ashamed to tell the truth about it. ”
We love that Biel gave credit to her hard-working nannies, as did fellow Candy girl Melanie Lynskey at the Critics Choice Awards earlier this year. Having a good support system is key, and reminding the world how grateful you are for them is icing on the cake.
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Biel and her husband of nearly 10 years, Justin Timberlake, have two sons together named Silas, 7, and Phineas, 1.
In a 2017 interview with HuffPost, Biel shared how motherhood has completely changed the way she looks at life. She said: "These little people come around and they need so much and your schedule really isn't your own nor does it matter more and it's very clear your life now revolves around this guy. I'm not the type of person who thinks, "Oh, my whole life is changing for my kid," but it does.
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