Jessica Mulroney Steps Down From Family Charity The Shoebox Project

After threatening black influencer Sasha Exeter's career last week, Jessica Mulroney continues to experience the ramifications of taking advantage of the “privilege of the textbook” and fulfilling Amy Cooper: a charity she founded with members of the Mulroney family, is the youngest to break the connection with the ashamed stylist.
The Shoebox project announced her resignation from her organization a week after Mulrony's hurtful comments to Exeter had come to light.
"Given the recent events, the charity supports Jessica's decision to step down from the board," the charity said in an Instagram post that does not mention Mulroney's specific nature of actions.
The Shoebox Project was founded in 2011 by Mulroney and sisters-in-law Katy, Vanessa and Caroline and offers vulnerable women shoe boxes with the essentials and gifts. The Instagram statement went beyond the commitment to black and indigenous women and ended with the promise to "make races an ongoing conversation that takes place regularly and at all levels of our organization".
Many don't let Mulroney's racist acts off the hook
As Refinery29 author Kathleen Newman-Bremang puts it, what was happening between the renowned stylist and Exeter, a single mother with an emerging online career, was not a mere "disagreement". Mulroney, a white woman with immense social influence, threatened the livelihood of someone who was much more disenfranchised because she believed that a general call to action for black solidarity was directed at her. Exeter set out the disturbing news Mulroney had sent her on her social media, including the threat of filing a defamation lawsuit.
"Imagine telling a black woman that her voice doesn't matter, while people literally sing the opposite on the street in protests against black racism," Newman-Bremang wrote. "The lack."
It's almost poetic justice that Mulroney's attempt to take Exeter revenue has failed, leading to the loss of partnerships and sponsorship from numerous brands like Smash + Tess and Hudson's Bay. And don't expect the stylist to comment on "Good Morning America" ​​or her show "I Do Redo" on CTV soon.
Mulroney has publicly apologized three times (and now has a resource link to Black Lives Matter at the top of her Instagram profile), but Exeter claimed the 40-year-old had threatened to sue Instagram comment shortly after Mulroney's first attempt to defamation which she later deleted.
The Toronto celebrity has often used her friendship with Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, as an economic asset. It's a connection that has led to international coverage of Exeter's plight, but the former high-ranking queen has not publicly sided with her friend. (And, as The Kit notes, there is no obligation to do so.)
Untitled sources indicate that Markle is distancing himself from Mulroney because she's targeting more important things: ironing out the issues with her upcoming charity (which Mulroney liked to make headlines for not branding earlier this year) and volunteering with local ones Charitable organizations engaged in LA Help those most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and support Black Lives Matter. The latter is only possible because she has left royal life.
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