Jessica Simpson Has Been Using Eye Cream Since 17. Here's Her Other Skincare Secrets.

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Jessica Simpson, once called the blonde bombshell of the early 2000s and now a billionaire fashion goggle, has been trying hard to show fans that she is no different from her since the beginning of her career. From bringing reality TV cameras into the house she once shared with Nick Lachey while navigating Newlyweds (a time when reality TV was very new) in the early days of her marriage, to her memoir Open Book, where she talks about her addictions, Jessica, depression and public criticism of her fluctuating weight have always tried to connect with her fans and be real.
Today the singer's life may be a little different from 1999 when “I Wanna Love You Forever” reached number 3 on the charts, but Jessica hasn't lost her willingness to open up to her loyal fan base. A quick look at her Instagram shows an insight into her life - moments when she is totally done and when she is barefoot with her children at home.
Jessica, a self-proclaimed beauty junkie, admitted in her blog Jessica's World: "I have many products that I think are important, but of course I have my proven favorites." Below are her six beauty secrets to get a clear complexion and healthy looking hair.
She invests in a high performance moisturizer.
When it comes to moisturizer, Simpson swears by two luxury products. During her three pregnancies, Jessica told InStyle that her skin was always dehydrated and that La Mer Moisturizing Cream was "the only thing that worked". And when it comes to flying, what the star does regularly for her career, she wrote on her blog that she swears by "Sonya Dakar Omega oil to prevent [her] skin from drying out".
She started using eye cream since she was a teenager.
During an interview with POPSUGAR in 2011, Jessica shyly admitted that she is a fan of eye cream: "I have been using eye cream since I was in business, so I was about seventeen years old. I just like the way I feel about it And I don't want crow's feet. "Although Jessica hasn't released her favorite eye cream, she's shared her Holy Grail serum, which she compares to" gold "for her skin, Epicuren Discovery Bio Peptide Serum. "This serum fills the skin to make it look more youthful, corrects and prevents visible signs of aging." And even after three children, she hasn't "got wrinkles, so ... it has to work!"
She chooses a cleanser that doesn't dry her skin.
“I love how clean my skin feels after using [Epicuren Herbal Cleanser]. Unlike most cleaning products, my makeup is completely removed without leaving any residue. “Jessica told InStyle.
Neither does it save on personal hygiene.
Jessica is a clear believer in Epicuren and has stated in her blog that her Kukui Coconut After Bath Moisturizer is her favorite body lotion. "It is moisturizing and on days when I don't wear a fragrance, I still smell like coconuts!" And for the rest of your family? Jessica said on her blog that she chose Aquaphor Healing Ointment and said it was "my one-stop shop for my whole family all year round. Aquaphor has so many uses for everything from healing cracked lips to to soothing dry skin and mild eczema spots. "
Bonus: She takes care of her hair in the same way.
Simpson's longtime BFF and hairdresser Kevin Paves said to Marie Claire: "She only washes her hair about two to three times a month. I told Jess a long time ago that you should wash your hair only a few times a week and in between take it out and condition it. And her hair looks fantastic all the time. "
Between the washes, Jessica told InStyle that she was using Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray. "It absorbs the oil and creates a nice texture and volume." In her blog Jessica's World, she also comments on the importance of deeply conditioning your hair “with all the color processing it goes through” and has long been a fan of Milbon Inphenom Hair Treatment. "[It] has been my standby for years. It makes my hair soft but not oily and still holds my curls. "
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