Jessie J Cranks Up The Glow Factor In A See-Through Shirt On Her Instagram Story

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Jessie J, 33, just revealed her six pack abs in a brand new no-makeup selfie on her Instagram story.
She wears a brown crop top under a transparent shirt and her skin looks super radiant.
Jessie uses almost every piece of equipment in the gym for her full body workouts, and says cleaning her makeup brushes every other day helps keep her skin looking fresh.
The glow is real in Jessie J's latest Instagram story. The 33-year-old singer looks radiant and super toned in a brand new selfie without makeup. In the picture, Jessie is wearing a matching brown crop top and sheer shirt, and her fit shows off her washboard abs.
And her skin looks more than dewy even after a busy day of running errands, which Jessie flaunted in a few other snapshots. There are model vibes outside of duty and Jessie's core looks so strong. The proof is in the selfie:
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So how does Jessie shape her core? Your sweat sessions in the gym have no limits. In an older Instagram story, she showed off her skills while crushing a laundry list with hard pulls.
Leg raises with an exercise band, with the stair climber, do a quad workout with another exercise band, do pull-ups with TRX bands, work through sit-ups - the list goes on! She even killed it on the rowing machine while singing "I hate ... the rower" (hey, some days are just like that).
The I Want Love artist has always taken her fitness routine seriously. “When I come out of the gym, I'm blotchy red and sweaty, but I feel fine. It's about the longevity of your life, not how you look in the morning, ”she told HuffPost in 2017.
And she told Women's Health UK that she loves how exercise makes her feel. "[Training] makes me feel good," she said. “It releases endorphins - and I never really believed in it until I started exercising. You really get this sluggish feeling before a workout where you say, 'Oh, I don't want this' and you may feel a little down. But you train and it gives you that boost. I feel alive. "
And that glowing skin? Jessie sticks to a few tried and true skincare steps like drinking plenty of water and not overdoing it with alcohol, according to E! News. She washes her makeup brushes at least every other day. “I think brushes contain dirty makeup and germs, and if they're left out they get germs, so I always keep them covered. I'm a little germ hostile, ”she said.
Her skincare shelf is filled with cult classics like Kate Somerville Scrubs and Moisturizers and Dior Hydra Life Jelly Mask. "I've probably been using this for about five or six years now, and I do this twice a day. It's a moisturizing mask, but I don't take it off because I'm hardcore," added Jessie.
She also swears by Oilatum, a thick moisturizer for dry skin. "It was a bit like the beginning and I didn't have any money; it was kind of a facial on tour. I just stuck with it; it's a product I've always used," she said. Jessie applies the cream like a mask and leaves it on for a few hours so that her skin can absorb everything. "It helps my skin stay even and baptized," she explained.
As for Jessie's diet, she has been vegan since 2018 and cut out sugar years earlier. "When I gave up sugar, I realized how much I began to enjoy food when it was good for me - and it made up for it all - my health, my moods, my sleep." She told Plant Based News in 2019 .
Overall, Jessie says she approaches her skin care routine from the inside out. "My biggest beauty advice is to remember that beauty starts from within. I know this sounds really clichéd, but you are what you eat. Whatever you put in your body will come out: your skin, your face, your energy, everything, ”she told E! News. Obviously, it works for her!
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