Jets' Sam Darnold compares his season to Baker Mayfield's: 'They're winning games, so he must be doing a good job'

Sam Darnold throws at dolphins
Baker Mayfield was hit with the first pick in the 2018 NFL Draft by the Cleveland Browns, and just two picks later in 3rd place, New York Jets took Sam Darnold and cemented the two (and the other three QBs hit in the first round ) this year) together for the rest of their careers.
Both got some heat in their first two seasons in the league but fast forwarded to the end of their third season, and Mayfield has a clear lead.
In addition to being in the playoffs this year, the Browns are battling for the AFC North title, which could be decided in a big 17th week bout against the Pittsburgh Steelers if Cleveland beats the Jets and the Steelers this week falling on the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday.
Meanwhile, the Jets only celebrate their first win of the season against the Los Angeles Rams last week, at 1:13 and could lose their head coach at the end of the season.
While he hasn't seen much of Mayfield's play, the Browns wouldn't be where they are without him.
"Baker played great," said Darnold. "... Obviously they win games so he has to do a good job."
Mayfield had a rough year in 2019 but has since recovered from it. Darnold didn't have the best season last year either but appeared to get a pass after dealing with mono and missing a large number of games.
However, he didn't use it as an excuse.
"Quarterbacks and coaches in this league are always judged by wins and losses, that's it," said Darnold. "And Baker wins this year. We didn't win as much this year as we'd like, so we're still being judged by - like we should. We have a lot to do with how our team plays in the game, so Baker has this Year really good job.
"I think to myself there are some things I have to keep working on, but he did a great job and they won games."
Adam Gase was brought into the organization primarily to develop Darnold, but that didn't seem to work for the past two seasons. Although Darnold believes there is a lot in this situation, it just has to be better for him personally.
"I don't think I played well enough. I think I can play a lot better," said Darnold. "... I have to keep trying to play better and that is really all I am focusing on."

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