Jill Biden's Outfit Prompts Deluge Of Sexist Jokes On Twitter

First Lady Jill Biden was photographed leaving Air Force One Thursday in an outfit that pulled the ugly out of Twitter.
Biden wore a black skirt, ankle boots, and pantyhose with a pattern that looked like fishnet stockings.
Jill Biden departs Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland, on April 1 after a trip to California. (Photo: MANDEL NGAN via Getty Images)
The photos prompted some Twitter users to throw sexist and ageist jokes at the 69-year-old educator. Numerous tweets mentioned their names like "witch", "hooker" and "trash".
Other Twitter users were quick to defend Biden, praising her outfit and stressing that women should be free to wear anything they want. Some also pointed out the absurdity of the outcry.
Controversies surrounding the choice of first ladies in clothing are nothing new. Frances Folsom Cleveland - who was only 21 when she married Grover Cleveland at the White House in 1886 - had a penchant for dresses that showed off her bare neck, shoulders, and arms, according to Time Magazine. This fashion preference spurred the Christian Temperance Union of women to issue a petition asking them to stop wearing the dresses, but they kept wearing them anyway.
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