Jim Carrey got Fly and Bill Burr got cancelled on a buzzy new 'SNL': 'How did you manage to be sexist, racist, and homophobic in under 5 minutes?'

'SNL' host Bill Burr made some controversial jokes during his opening monologue (Photo: NBC / Twitter)
Jeff Goldblum may not have been available, but Saturday Night Live still found a way to label the former bow tie as the most famous bow tie in America. The second episode of season 46 of SNL opened with a look back at that week's Vice President Debate, which was notoriously ambushed by a winged insect that chose to use Vice President Mike Pence's head as a landing pad. Twitter was instantly inundated with memes from David Cronenberg's 1986 horror classic, in which Goldblum appeared as a scientist receiving an infusion of fly DNA. The SNL version also used this film as comic book inspiration, but replaced Jim Carrey's divisive Joe Biden in place of the universally popular Jurassic Park fan favorite.
For the first part of the sketch, Carreys Biden watched on the couch as his run mate, Maya Rudolph's Kamala Harris, made so much ground beef out of Beck Bennett's surpassed pence. "I speak," said Rudolph, quoting one of the most famous quotes from her real counterpart from the actual debate. She also had a strategy for getting her point across even when she was silent. "I'm going to fix my face so you don't know what I'm thinking, but every black woman at home knows what I'm thinking."
Eventually, a key question from Kate McKinnon's Susan Page about packing in court led Biden to step into action and jump into the same kind of teleporter that Goldblum's damn insane stepped into three decades ago. And again a fly came along. The gimmick ultimately resulted in Jim Carrey making an impression of Joe Biden, who made an impression of Jeff Goldblum and lines like, "Your economy is so in the toilet, I want to lay my eggs on it!" And boy, did that hall of mirrors trick tickle Twitter's imagination. (For the record, Carrey once starred with Goldblum in the 1988 comedy, Earth Girls Are Easy.)
But Carrey wasn't the only proverbial fly in the ointment: Kenan Thompson raved about being a former presidential candidate and prominent supporter of President Donald Trump, Herman Cain, who was reborn as a fly after his death from Covid-19 earlier this year. And this Cain knew exactly who was responsible for his death. "Those fools, Trump and Pence, killed me, man," he complained to Biden / Goldblum. “You invited me to a rally without a mask! ... if you see this at home, don't trust that white devil because of this "rona".
There's no question Carrey and Thompson were pretty fly, but hosts Bill Burr got more mixed reviews. The outspoken comic aimed with its monologue on two topics that many find difficult to laugh about: breaking off culture and awakening culture. "They're chasing dead people now," Burr said, voicing his frustration at the celebrity cancellations, and how the late John Wayne was confronted for comments by the actor in a 1971 Playboy interview that summer . "It's like this, yes, he was born in 1907, that's what these people sounded like. You never spoke to your grandparents and brought up the wrong topic?"
The SNL audience greeted Burr's jokes with a mixture of awkward silence and strained laughter, but the host plowed ahead and turned his attention to the white women he claimed had "pulled up" the persistent urge for racial equality. "Somehow, white women swung their feet in Gucci boots over the fence of oppression and stuck to the top of the line," said Burr, who has joked about both the Karen meme and the #MeToo movement in the past. "I have never heard so many complaints from white women in my life," he added, before accusing the same women of "assisting poisonous white men through centuries of our crimes against humanity."
Burr wrapped up his already controversial monologue with a controversial proposal to move Black History Month after Gay Pride Month. “Blacks were actually enslaved. You get February! You have 28 days of cloudy weather ... how about combining them with July? They are equator people. Give them the sun for 31 days. These black gay men can party ... celebrate 61 days. "
The response to Burr was quick, intense, and all over the map. While some cheered him on for bringing back serious social comments on SNL - noting that he is married to a black woman - others questioned his conclusions as well as his choice of words.
"I'll probably get canceled," Burr joked prophetically early on in his monologue. However, SNL is not going anywhere. Issa Rae will take over hosting next week.
Saturday Night Live airs at 11:30 p.m. on Saturdays. on NBC
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