Jitender Maan Gogi: India gangster shot dead in Delhi court

The incident has raised questions about the security of the Delhi Courts
Two men posing as lawyers shot and killed a notorious gangster in a courtroom in the Indian capital, Delhi.
They opened fire on Jitender Maan Gogi in the courtroom where a case was being heard against him.
Officials said the police returned fire and killed the two men. Police suspect a rival gang planned the attack.
Gogi was on Delhi's Most Wanted Police List and has been charged on dozens of cases - including murder, kidnapping and fraud - in other states.
The incident has challenged the security of the Delhi courts. A senior politician said the incident showed a serious flaw in security planning.
Gogi was arrested in Delhi in March last year for murder and extortion.
Officials said he was a target of many gangs due to his rapid rise in the crime world. His criminal career reportedly began as a teenager and initially included incidents of carjacking and theft.
But he was later a prime suspect in many high profile murders, including that of a popular singer in Haryana state.

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