JK Rowling throws support behind girl allegedly driven from school for challenging ‘transgender ideology’

JK Rowling jumps to the defense of a student who claims she was expelled from her private school after she questioned a guest speaker's "transgender ideology".
"Absolutely disgraceful," the Harry Potter author tweeted Tuesday in response to a report on the story. "Add this to the shaky heap of evidence that educators who should have a duty of care to the youth have succumbed to an outburst of quasi-religious bigotry. The girl's crime? Saying 'sex exists'.”
According to a report by The Times, the 18-year-old outlet student said: "The language (the narrator) implied that critical theory took precedence over biological reality in defining women.
"When I questioned that, she said it wasn't a question of semantics. She said trans people do not have basic human rights in this country. After that I spoke to her and said I'm sorry if I came across as rude."
JK Rowling slammed for defending concept of biological sex: 'It's not hate telling the truth'
The report further claimed that while other students initially supported the student, they later turned their backs and accused her of transphobia.
The student eventually left the school in September after she said staff told her she would be banished to work in the school library if she said anything provocative.
Rowling has been open about her own views on sex and gender in recent years.
She also returned a coveted Ripple of Hope Award presented to her by the Robert F. Kennedy human rights organization in December 2019 after the organization's president criticized the author for tweets and remarks the organization deemed transphobic.
JK Rowling returns human rights award after Kennedy organization accuses her of being transphobic
JK Rowling called the treatment of a student who was allegedly expelled from her school "absolutely disgraceful" after the 18-year-old said she questioned a guest speaker's "trans ideology".
After the statement was released, Rowling took to her own website and wrote that Kennedy "incorrectly implied that I am transphobic and that I am responsible for harm done to trans people."
"As a long-time donor to LGBT charities and a supporter of trans people's right to a life free of persecution, I deny allegations that I hate or wish harm to trans people, or that it is wrong, discriminatory or wrong to speak up for trans people advocating women's rights, resolutely backs inciting harm or violence to the trans community," Rowling claimed.
A Rowling representative did not immediately respond to Fox News' request for comment.
JK Rowling
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