Joanna Gaines Just Gave a Tour of Her Fall Home—Here Are 5 Things to Buy to Copy Her Cozy Look

Joanna Gaines on a Designed Background
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According to Joanna Gaines, it's the best time of the year. The HGTV star, bestselling cookbook author, entrepreneur, magazine connoisseur, interior designer and mother of five (phew!) Home season.
"The first day of October always feels like a gift," says Gaines in the caption. If this time of year moves you too, I hope you will join me and embrace every bit of magic it has to offer. "
The best of the season in Gaines' book - um, magazine - includes warmly flavored pear bread, a jazzy playlist, her favorite fall candles, cozy blankets and festive wreaths.
"Some of my fondest memories will be immortalized in October," Gaines explains in the latest issue of Magnolia Journal (buy: $ 20 for a year, Amazon). "It was the month I met Chip, and that was just the beginning. That same month, 18 years ago, I opened the original Magnolia shop ... I can still hear the sound of the front door opening and the profound certainty that, despite the butterflies in my stomach, everything would be fine. And in the many Octobers that followed, I seem to encounter magic here. From dreams born and dreams fulfilled, to simple memories of our family that have more time on the porch in the cooler weather in October just arouses a feeling of hopeful anticipation. "
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In the Instagram video, Gaines begins welcoming fans into her home through a door adorned with her fall berry wreath (buy: $ 54, Magnolia). (That seems so popular it is out of stock, but we found a lovely doppelganger on sale here; buy it: $ 51.99, Wayfair.)
As the tour progresses, the soundtrack of Ella Fitzegerald's peaceful "Early Autumn" will be played on her Victoria Cambridge Farmhouse turntable (purchase: $ 112, Magnolia). Gaines adds ultra-cozy items to her living room, library, and more tiny magnolias:
This collected candle (buy: $ 28, Magnolia) that fans say has a pumpkin chai scent that is "very autumnal. I bought a bunch for housewarming gifts!"
A Bleached Husk Wreath (buy: $ 44, Magnolia) that has "delicate, tissue-paper-like winged stems" and "a variety of mixed shells and fronds in subtle, bleached tones," according to the Magnolia team.
This Bronze Macey Tassel Throw (purchase: $ 98, Magnolia) is made from 100% organic cotton grown and manufactured according to Global Organic Textile Standards to ensure environmental and ethical practices. If you're looking for a less expensive option, Hearth & Hand (Joanna Gaines' line at Target) has a similar throw for less than half the price. (Buy it: $ 40 at Target).
With this breathtaking scenery, I can almost feel the soft knitted blanket laying over my shoulders. All that's missing is a cup of one of our 24 best cozy drink recipes when you need a big hug!

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