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Jodie Turner-Smith and Joshua Jackson just proved they're Hollywood's most stylish soulmates with these colorful and super-rare snaps. On November 24th, Turner-Smith uploaded a series of rare and super chic pictures of her and Jackson's latest J.Crew commercial.
The Anne Boleyn star posted the photos with the caption, "Celebrating the holidays with @jcrew is becoming something of a family tradition... @vancityjax and I are so excited to be back for another round of celebrations (tequila too. We're excited us about the tequila) ✨ #injcrew.”
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You can see the photos HERE.
In the first photo we see Turner-Smith looking like a stylish goddess in this baby pink feathered suit dress, holding a bourbon glass and silver shoes. In the next photo, we see the lovebirds looking at each other like they're the only two people alive, unbuckling the subtle PDA and rocking a colorful outfit for the J.Crew commercial. We then end the post with an artistically beautiful photo of Turner-Smith on an emerald green couch, gazing at the portable minibar.
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For a while, people thought these two had broken up because some eagle-eyed fans believed they unfollowed each other on social media and a lack of red carpet events together. However, as many know, they are a fairly low-key couple who keep things on the more intimate side. And if there were any doubts, these photos sure crushed them!
Turner-Smith and Jackson have been together since 2018, with Turner-Smith proposing to Jackson on New Year's Eve in Nicaragua. They married in December 2019 and welcomed their daughter Janie in April 2020.
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