Joe Biden rejects Supreme Court term limits

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has taken a step to reveal his plans for the Supreme Court.
The last minute nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court raised allegations by Democrats that Republicans are playing the system unfairly. It has also led some Democrats to propose that Biden either expand the court and fill it with liberal judges if he is elected, or pass tenure restrictions to replace the current lifelong appointments.
Biden has so far refused to give a decisive answer on how he will handle the courts if he wins next week's election. But on Monday, Biden revealed a bit of his plan, saying, "It's a lifelong deadline. I'm not going to try to change that at all."
Last month, three Democrats in the House of Representatives tabled a bill to give Supreme Court justices an 18-year term, with two presidents granted two candidates during each of their terms. Biden has ditched questions about whether he will support the expansion and packing of the court, saying he will provide an answer when the election is over.
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