John Legend & Blake Shelton Reveal The Voice 's Most Competitive Coach & More Secrets

Season 19 of The Voice is only a week away, but the competition is already well underway for trainers Blake Shelton and John Legend!
E! Co-host Carissa Culiner caught up with the couple on Monday October 12th on Daily Pop, and Blake immediately had to point out that he coached many of the singers who later became masters.
"My team has won The Voice seven times, I think," he said cheekily. "Is that correct?"
"He's trying to act like he hasn't counted them," replied John. "And thought of her every second of every day."
The two will meet Kelly Clarkson and Gwen Stefani this season. Maybe Blake gives the latter, a.k.a. his five-year-old girlfriend, this time a break?
"We all have our own teams and obviously you're going home, you want to talk about it," Blake explained. "And so there were times when we also bounced songs off each other: 'What do you think about this song? Do you think that would be good for my artist?' or what ever."
How cute right
Not correct! Blake continued, "And of course I always take this opportunity to somehow derail your team."
The most memorable candidates of the vote
"Sabotage," interrupted John.
"That's the voice!" Blake can be seen on a clip on the NBC show. "This is a dog-eat-dog business. There are no feelings."
Fortunately, "Gwen doesn't have a competitive bone in her body," he told Carissa.
"But she loves music, which makes her a great coach on the show," said Blake. "As much as I love John Legend. It's a lot more exciting for me to have her on the show."
Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani’s sweetest moments
Then there is Kelly, who John said could be "the most competitive" of coaches.
"She won another show as an artist, and I saw more of her competitive streak when we played a quiz game on the Kelly Clarkson Show," he said. "She's serious about winning games."
Kelly Clarkson's most candid confessions prove that she can still be attributed as the heck
Blake and John further revealed that filming for the new season of The Voice is already underway, and despite all the precautions taken amid the coronavirus pandemic, everything feels relatively normal!
"When we did a couple of artist auditions, I really felt like we were just doing what we always did," Blake said. "I mean, outside of the turmoil of a live audience, nothing really has changed."
He went on, "Of course we're split up anyway ... the only thing I noticed after a while was that we just didn't go up and shake someone's hand when they got on the team or hug them." "
TV shows that have resumed production amid the coronavirus pandemic
John agreed, "Once you got into the shows, it didn't feel much different."
"In fact, there were moments when you were glad there wasn't a live audience because you could really hear everything about the artist's voice without all of the added noise and hustle and bustle that comes with it," he added. "It was really nice to be able to concentrate on their voices."
Watch the final happy hour virtual end of the voice with a singalong conducted by John Legend
Check out the full Daily Pop interview with John Legend and Blake Shelton in the clip above!
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