John McCarthy blasts Dana White for ‘clickbait’ video: ‘You are so pathetic’

John McCarthy doesn't take lightly a video recently released by UFC President Dana White.
The video, which White posted on social media on Monday, is aimed at media members and analysts who believe the advertising should not resume the events of the start of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak in America until the correct protocols are available.
McCarthy is briefly featured in the video alongside his podcast co-host, former UFC fighter and Strikeforce Champion Josh Thomson - a clip McCarthy claims has been taken out of context.
"Here's a guy who says, 'I'm not making a (explicit) reference to the media," McCarthy said on a recent episode of WEIGHING IN. "First of all, I don't even see ourselves as media, but that's fine. "I don't give a (explicit) reference to the media," but then he always complains about clickbait. "These media people and the clickbait (expletive) they do." What the (expletive) did you and your little team do, man? You little clickbait (expletive). I just did it. I go: "You are so pathetic."
Before delving into the contextual specifics of the clip shown in the video, McCarthy made a particular exception to why he believes the video was made. In McCarthy's eyes, White had to pat himself on the back.
"First you have to have your own little pat on the back." OK, let me pat you on the back "because you took it all out of context and made it where you were the hero," McCarthy said. “Congratulations, hero Dana. Oh let me bow you down Incredible. My God. When will you find out? You know what? Just don't worry. Do you have what you did You did well. The UFC had a fantastic year. Let's be honest with everything that happened and let's be honest with your video as your video is clickbait and it is (expletive) and not contextual. It is ridiculous."
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McCarthy, the pioneering former MMA umpire whose work dates back to UFC 2 who now works on Bellator's comment booth, then went into details. McCarthy said he was not an anti-event at the time, he just wanted to wait for more information about COVID-19 and all that came with it.
Meanwhile, White was working to move UFC 249, originally slated for Brooklyn, New York, to Native American land outside the jurisdiction of the California State Athletic Commission at the Tachi Palace Casino in Lemoore, California. After a wave of criticism, the card was eventually closed by Disney, the owners of UFC advertising partner ESPN.
Eventually, under the auspices of the Florida Sports Commission, the UFC in Jacksonville, Florida reopened and had appropriate COVID testing protocols in place. With that important distinction, McCarthy came back on board along with almost everyone else mentioned in the infamous video.
"I supported 100 percent (events are happening)," said McCarthy. "When he went to Jacksonville, Florida, I was one of his biggest supporters because he didn't do what he did with the illegal Tachi Palace-Lemoore fight."
McCarthy also addressed omissions by the selected media and analysts that White was targeting in the video. Longtime UFC commentator Joe Rogan was skeptical about attending the UFC's originally planned events, but was not featured in the video.
"It's funny that all of his little editors and everything with his video didn't put Joe Rogan in there," McCarthy said. "Do you know why? I wonder why. We'll see. Oh, because it doesn't look good. Because what Joe Rogan said?" I won't comment. I won't comment, but I won't be. "Because? He didn't know what was going on and was worried about things. And that's okay to worry about. "
The UFC and Bellator were facing the same problems at the time, McCarthy said. It wasn't about taking out the UFC, it was about making sure things were done right.
"That's the new norm," said McCarthy. "You're going to lose fights. They can't keep everyone healthy. They can't stop anyone from getting the coronavirus. But what they can do is try to protect everyone who doesn't get it from the person who gets them It really happened. You had a lot of cards that were kind of smashed for health reasons. Bellator too. All you can do is try to work it through.
“I was just looking at the full complexity of his work. You sit there and say,“ I have a lot of money. ”You are right. You do. OK, you do. And you should be so comfortable that you don't try have to come up with something to pat yourself on the back. You follow people you show you like because they always need recognition. "
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McCarthy praised the UFC chief for making the promotion what it is today, but says he owes nothing to White.
"Let me make it clear to you (expletively)," McCarthy said. “I was there long before Dana White. You want to see a picture of Dana White when I first met him. I'll show you his little, dweeby ass. I wasn't brought in by Dana White. I had to work with Dana White. And I will tell you that Dana White did a great job making the UFC what it is. He scratched his ass off. He deserves a lot of credit for that. But don't think that I owe him anything and he owes me nothing. "
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